Performing arts digital signage is quickly becoming a very effective advertising solution for venues nationwide. From promoting upcoming performances, advertising concession drink specials, to providing important information for patrons, performing arts digital signage can be an important addition to your venue’s marketing mix.

Days of the Printed Show Poster are a Thing of the Past

Let’s think about the value performing arts digital signage could bring to your venue; the process of creating a printed show poster to advertise or promote upcoming performances is time-consuming and expensive, whereas that same information could be created and posted digitally for considerably less time and money. This provides the opportunity for your message to reach a greater audience more quickly. Not to mention, the massively increased versatility performing arts digital signage offers; one static printed show poster can only promote one thing at a time, but with digital signage comes flexibility and the chance to change and edit promotional material as often as you want, sometimes with just a few keystrokes.

Let Your Performing Arts Digital Signage Pay for Itself

Performing arts digital signage can create revenue for your performing arts venue by selling advertising spots on your digital signage, especially if your venue is somewhere with considerable consumer traffic.

For a performing arts venue, creativity is clearly an important factor in any advertising or patron information. With performing arts digital signage, creativity is limitless! You can use it to advertise performance times, ticket sales, open rehearsal space or as a warm welcome to everyone who enters. No matter the audience, performing arts digital signage can be altered to suit any demographic and even be made interactive for your patrons to enjoy. Interactive digital signage has been shown to improve perceptions of businesses and increase memorability too; remember, the human eye is drawn to motion, and a dynamic performing arts digital sign sparks immediate interest and holds attention.

Bringing digital signage to your performing arts venue is one of the most cost-efficient ways to increase the visibility of your venue. It can be difficult to cut through the noise of other advertisers in the marketplace, even when utilizing television, radio and print media. Performing arts digital signage ensures that not only does your venue stay up-to-date with current technology but it engages your most important audience – the ones already at your venue, ready to spend money! This can improve the relationship between your venue and the patron, encouraging returning patronage.

If your digital signage is featured in a prominent location in your venue, it can also attract the attention of passing customer traffic. Performing arts digital signage strategically placed by an outward facing window is extremely influential in terms of attracting new patrons, making it an indispensable tool for your performing arts venue.

Don’t Let Your Performing Arts Venue Be Left in the Dark (literally)!

Performing arts digital signage is an increasingly valuable and important way of cultivating patron relationships and displaying advertising for local, supportive businesses. As this technology is further embraced, it is vital to consider bringing it to your performing arts venue. Good selling!

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