Luxury brands have a secret—performing arts program book advertising!

Luxury brands don’t want to advertise their product just anywhere. They need to be more discerning in their selections, and carefully choose each spot their product will appear. They want their brand associated with other luxury brands, and in a place that will have a captive audience. While other products might be able to get away with ads in the local newspaper, or Facebook ads, luxury brands need to be more careful.

Luxury brands advertise in performing arts program books for good reason.

Performing Arts Patrons Are High-Income Earners

The typical patron of the performing arts is someone who is earning a higher income than the median. By advertising to high-income earners, luxury brands are targeting a group of people who earn enough to consider their product.

Disposable Income Is Key in Luxury Brand Advertising

Ever heard the term asset rich, but cash poor? Luxury brands know this and they want to target people who are not only high earners but who also have the money to spend on their products. So, how do they tell if a person has disposable income? Easy–they advertise in a place where they are already spending it. And patrons of the performing arts tend to have disposable income as well.

Rather than focusing their advertising on just high-income earners, they specifically advertise to high-income earners who have discretionary income to spend, and they find this through performing arts program book advertising.

The Highly Educated Attend Performances

Patrons of the performing arts also tend to be well-educated. People who are well educated are wise about how they spend their money, and usually do a decent amount of research before making any purchase. Luxury brands know their product is the best around and costs more for a reason. They want people who are going to take the time to find the best product, and who are comfortable spending more money in order to get it.

Luxury brands know there are not many places that you can advertise to the highly-educated. However, performing arts program book advertising is one of those places.

Hit All Three Demographics at Once

Trying to market to three different demographics is usually difficult. Luxury brands need to find the best way to market to each of these, and then come up with a marketing strategy that is effective for that demographic. It is much easier and efficient when they can find one place that allows them to market to multiple demographics all at the same time. Performing arts program book advertising allows them to do this.

By placing an advertisement in a performing arts program book, luxury brands are targeting high-income earners, people with disposable income, and the highly educated, all at once.

This approach has some obvious benefits. Luxury brands simplify their marketing strategy when they only need to come up with one plan, rather than multiple. In addition, they can shrink their marketing budget, since they are now only focusing on the one strategy. Finally, luxury brands can be confident in knowing they are putting their marketing budget to effective use.

Don’t waste any more of your time marketing to groups who are unlikely to purchase your product. By placing your next advertising in performing arts program books, you are getting the attention of a large captive audience that has a need for their product–which is something every luxury brand strives for.¬†Good selling!

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