What’s black and white and “read” all over? Well, it certainly isn’t a newspaper. According to the Brookings Institute, the number of newspaper per one-hundred million people is only 400. As newspapers die out as a medium, reaching local markets has become more difficult than ever.

So, how do you reach a hyperlocal audience of affluent, highly-targeted consumers while simultaneously building trust and rapport with them? Great question!

Today, we’re going to take a look at how performing arts advertising is one of the most significant local advertising niches for companies that are looking to boost their local presence. Here are 4 core benefits to using performing arts advertising. Print may be dying, but the arts are thriving.

Hyper-Targeted Ads

Hyper-local advertising isn’t only a “buzzword” that websites like HubSpot throw around casually. 58% of senior-level marketers consider local advertising to be critical to their overall growth.

But, geo-targeted social media ads and location-based app advertising aren’t perfectly accurate, and the competition in both of these spaces is extremely competitive — which drives ad prices through the roof.

When you advertise with the local arts, on the other hand, you can be confident that the vast majority of your audience is from the local area that you’re advertising in. This allows you to target ads to people in a specific geographic area.

Trust is a Natural Byproduct (Easy Mode Nurturing)

What if you could build trust by merely advertising your products/services to people? What if you didn’t have to spend tons of extra capital nurturing prospects in your funnel? Welcome to performing arts advertising.

With performing arts advertising, you are perceived by the audience as supporting the arts. Not only are you perceived as supporting the thing that they love, but you are also showing them that you share a common interest with them.

With social media, you have to spend careful time making sure that you position your brand in that space between revenue and customer satisfaction. With performing arts advertising, you’re capable of doing both of these at once.

Think that the performing arts audience doesn’t fit into your buyer’s persona? Think again!

Support the Community While Supporting Your Company

When you are perceived as a supporter of the arts, not only are you able to target affluent hyperlocal consumers while simultaneously growing and nurturing them as customers, you are perceived as supporting the community.

Did you know that — according to a 2016 Deloitte study — employees are twice as likely to rate a company culture as highly positive if their workplace committed to volunteering or charity?

When you support the arts, you’re helping to grow the community as a whole. At the same time, you’re growing your company by tapping into quality leads that basically nurture themselves. It’s a win for you; it’s a win for the arts.

Your Ads Will Get Read Over and Over Again

Sure, newspapers are dying, but that doesn’t mean that print is a dead medium for advertising.

Did you know that performing arts program books have an average read-per-copy of 2.4? How about the fact that 77% of art patrons save their program books after the show? Sure, that 33% eventually throws the program book out, but — according to a “Take-Home and Pass-Along” study — 96% of people that attend performance art shows bring their program books home with them!

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill program books either. Performing arts program books are vibrant and filled with color. You can print rich creatives and incredible dynamic ads in a performing arts program book that people are going to bring home with them and save. How amazing is that!

Performing arts program books may not be black and white, but they are certainly read all over!

As you can see, performing arts patrons are an incredibly diverse crowd of hyperlocal prospects. With performing arts advertising, you aren’t just splashing another creative in people’s faces, you’re perceived as supporting the arts, nurturing relationships, expanding your brand, and putting your ads in a place where people are going to keep and display them!

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