Over the last few months, there have been a lot of articles bemoaning the state of current advertising. We wrote about some of the concerns and issues that brands are facing. While we have written about these issues here and here, it bears some more thought.

Transparency And Digital Don’t Mix

The first issue that advertisers are facing? The lack of transparency. Brands are spending countless amounts of money and time on digital platforms, and simply not seeing the ROI they should. Not only are they having more issues reaching the right audiences, but they cannot seem to get the formula right! Targeted Facebook advertising or a paid Google advertisement is all well and good, but are they even reaching the right people?

Wasn’t the premise of digital advertising based on finding targeted audiences every time? Instead, brands are spending time trying to counteract shifting algorithms or trying to tweak their advertisements constantly rather than spending time innovating.

Digital marketing does not allow for transparency, and brands seem to be constantly reminded that they are subject to the whims of the company, and their advertisements must correspond to that. No company is made privy to what the best advertising practices are on these platforms, and brands end up in a constant spending cycle for paid advertising that is not delivering the right results.

The Local Audience Just Isn’t There

The other problem with digital that we have seen cropping up consistently? The lack of a local audience. It always sounds like a bit of an oxymoron to realize that despite the deep and vast amounts of data these companies hold, brands still feel like they are not able to find a hyper-local audience.

The right demographics, theoretically, should be easier to find on these platforms but that does not seem to be the case. Instead, the data is being constantly obscured, and advertisers are forced to undergo constant tweaks and revisions to their strategy to find that coveted demographic that will give them the right return on investment.

How Do I Find The Right Audience?

Honestly, we have had the right answer all along…and we have the experience to help you accomplish this goal. Performing arts advertising allows your brand to harness the power of knowing your audience. Just like a targeted Facebook or Google ad, performing arts advertising allows you to get specific, and target accordingly.

Between performing arts program books, digital signage, and geo-fencing, we have built a powerful trifecta that combines the best of both worlds. We do not ask our advertisers to choose between traditional and digital, but instead, we evolve with them. Our goal has always been to blend the best of both these worlds to create potent advertising solutions that enable brands to reach the right demographic consistently. To learn more about our hyper-targeted solutions, here is an earlier post that might be helpful.

The other issue that we help mitigate? Finding the right audience for your message. Brands are only as powerful as the audiences they reach, and we have been working for years with a hard to reach audience, but an audience worth the while to advertise to. Performing arts audiences are a coveted demographic, that can prove to be a valuable addition to any brand’s audience. Whether brands are looking to gain exposure, or cultivate long-term relationships with customers, performing arts advertising is the way to do so.

For example, in an earlier post, we discussed the cost-effectiveness of our solution coupled with the results they get. That still holds true, even after all these years. We have developed advertising solutions that connect brands with audiences in a meaningful way, while still developing a connection. Our earlier post breaks this down better and can give you an idea of the customer demographics we help brands reach effectively. Get specific, get Onstage. Good selling!

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