When it comes to content such as performing arts digital signage, there is always a great debate centered around whether to keep it in-house or find methods to outsource it. Usually, there is a great deal of consideration that goes into this decision – mainly because either decision has the potential to greatly impact your current operations.

Though initially, it might seem like a long, drawn-out journey in making the decision, it does not have to be. Truthfully, among all the factors to consider, there are some that are make-or-break and should be given more weight in the decision-making process–here are the 4 that need to be your primary concerns:

1. Do you have the staff?

Most of the factors can be distilled into an overarching category: Resources. Think about your current staff, their long-term and short-term projects and what their overall capacity really is. If your staff already has mountains of work that needs to be done, content for your performing arts digital signage often falls by the wayside.

If your staff is struggling with juggling their tasks and deadlines, it might be worth it to consider outsourcing this component of their work. It will free up time, and allow them to work on their other duties without adding on stress.

2. Do you have the expertise?

Even if your staff has the capacity to manage the content on your performing arts digital signage, do they have the right expertise? Performing arts digital signage content creation requires a great eye for detail, nuance, and design that is quite difficult to find. If your staff is having trouble executing the vision you have in mind, or if the work simply does not fit your needs, it might be better to outsource.

Often, outsourcing helps break out of a design rut and will give you a fresh perspective on your current content and where improvements are needed. Even if the staff has the bandwidth to design, they might not be able to create content with the same level of expertise as an outsourced team could.

3. Do you have the budget?

Keeping the content management of your performing arts digital signage in-house also means it might end up costing more. Usually, it might seem like outsourcing comes with a higher price tag, but that might not be the case. Think about your budget and what your marketing goals are–both short-term and long-term.

Now, think about the resources it will take to keep the content management for your performing arts digital signage in-house in terms of both time and money. Providing staff with the right tools to design is costly enough, but combine that with the amount of time and effort it will take to train staff members and in creating the content itself, it can quickly add up. Outsourcing provides a happy medium wherein content is designed in a timely and efficient manner without incurring high costs.

4. Are you a good story-teller?

It might not seem like it, but creating the design and content for your performing arts digital signage essentially entails creating a narrative. It might sound strange, but creating and executing the right design and content for your performing arts digital signage is exactly like telling a story. Your performing arts digital signage design and content needs to have a flow to it, much like a story does and it needs to communicate with your audience in a meaningful way.

Creating the right narrative and evoking emotions in audiences with performing arts digital signage has the potential to create real impact and deliver great results. In a market that is oversaturated with content, it is essential to go ahead of the curve and design content that will really resonate with your patrons – outsourcing allows you to accomplish this and provide a real return on investment.

The decision to outsource is dependent on the time, money, and expertise that you have available on hand. If you believe that your staff can handle the workload, and has the right tools in place to create great work, then that is great. But if you are hesitating in answering these questions, it signifies that outsourcing this work may be extremely beneficial for you. It is crucial to carefully view both sides and analyze the cost and savings for your team to see what the best option is. Good selling!

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