When contacting businesses in your local market for program book advertising you have to have an edge over your competition or you will be certain to be lost in the mix.

Sure, you can take the route of free tickets, which we’ve discussed previously, or other one-off’s that will maybe make a sale to your potential advertiser for one season. But how do you keep the advertiser coming back to advertise in your program book year after year? The one sure way is to think full service!

Free ad design. In your local market, up to 75% of small businesses that you’re calling on do not have the ability to create their own ads. Right off the bat, this is going to be an easy objection from the potential advertiser because now they’re not only thinking how much will the ad cost them, but how much will they have to pay a designer to build their ad? And depending on the size of the ad you’re presenting, this cost can exceed the price of the ad in and of itself, and your sale is ultimately going to be lost. Consider offering free program book ad design and you will see your program book advertising sales soar.

Free changing ads. A lot of potential program book advertisers will want to change their advertising message throughout the season to coincide with the performance, the time of year (especially if they are retail), or what have you. Don’t let this be a barrier to sell more advertising. Changing ads in a program book publication will certainly be more work on your end. You will have to have a solid system in place to make sure the proper ad is being dropped in the proper program book edition. This will also take a bit more customer service because you will have to have triggers set up to prompt the advertiser to give you the information for the next advertising deadline. Many publishers will charge for this service because of the extra work involved to make this happen. Consider offering free changing ads and you will be considered a hero.

Flexible payment terms. Finally, being flexible in your payment terms will pay for itself several times over if done properly. The core of your advertisers in your program books are small local businesses. Cash is king for these businesses and the more flexible you can be in your billing, the more advertising you will be able to sell.

Consider providing these full service features in your program book ad sales arsenal and you will be sure to gain more advertisers that will advertise with you year after year. A happy advertiser is an advertiser forever! Good selling.

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