One of the biggest selling points of digital marketing is its pervasiveness. Marketers will tell you digital reigns supreme now, especially over traditional marketing methods. And honestly, they make a good pitch. Digital is everywhere, so maybe print is dead…right? After all, who is reading print materials anymore?

The short answer? A very niche demographic.

The long answer? A very niche demographic that is very hard to get ahold of digitally – and even harder to keep their attention online.

Print is not dead, not by a long shot. While digital marketing is controlled by the whims of developers who change algorithms in a blink of an eye, as well as users who scroll past everything, print is not. Traditional marketing still has its stronghold, and it is clear to see why. It has a reliability and reach that digital marketing has not been able to conquer, and likely will not any time soon.

The best example of print’s continued survival and success? Performing arts program books. Attend any performing arts performance, and you will see proof of that statement right away. When you are attending any performing arts performance, take a close look at the audience. 20 minutes before any one of these performances, you are likely to see one common sight—you will see that most patrons have their noses buried in their printed program books.

The big differentiator in this form of print advertising versus others is the sheer attention and immersive thought advertisements receive in this space. Patrons are paying close attention to the content, and they are showing a genuine interest in the messages within. That sort of attention is rare to find, to begin with, but sustaining it is even more difficult. The rise of digital marketing has seen shorter attention spans, with marketers struggling to be that one ad that users do not scroll past as they browse their newsfeeds.

However, that challenge can easily be mitigated in the pages of a performing arts program book. With a well-placed performing arts program book ad, your business is sure to get noticed. Why? Because performing arts program books are actually read!

Think about that statement for a second. One of the hardest things to guarantee with advertising is whether the audience you want to target will see your advertisement, to begin with, and will they pay attention to it? Do they really care about your brand message? Well, if they see it in the pages of a performing arts program book, they likely will care.

Moreover, this is an audience that is not only captively offering their attention but it is also a demographic that is traditionally hard to reach. In previous posts, we have discussed the audience breakdown and makeup (some interesting demographic information posts can be found here and here for further reading). But we stress this point because we see the true value in reaching these demographics, and we understand the challenge of finding them, to begin with.

This is an audience of people who are very willing to spend on the items and experiences they love, and they are always seeking new products and brands that interest them. Furthermore, this is also an audience that tends to be older, and wealthier – and traditionally a more loyal audience. Performing arts program books are one of the best ways to reach this demographic, and ensure that your brand develops an audience that can help pave the way for long-term success.

Advertising in performing arts program books is reminiscent in many ways to the story that is unfolding onstage. It is important to recognize that every business has a story of its own, and there is no better way to tell yours than through performing arts program books, performing arts digital signage, and performing arts branded mobile sites. Good selling!

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