Many brands often overlook performing arts patrons as viable, long-term customers but that is a mistake. Performing arts patrons have many tendencies and habits that can make them an incredibly lucrative demographic to tap into–if you know how. While reaching this demographic might seem like a challenge initially, this audience can give your brand the uplift you are looking for, without breaking the bank.

Interested in learning more about why performing arts patrons are the right customers for you? Here are some stats to prove this is the demographic you should be targeting:

1. Sheer purchasing power

The first and most important reason to consider these customers? They have purchasing power, and they are looking for you! This is an audience that is not only engaged but actively searching for brands that fit with their interests and preferences. If you can make an impact on them, you have a customer that is ready to give your business the boost it needs

Performing arts patron statistics show that 61% of respondents reported they are more likely to purchase from businesses that support the arts. This is a pretty large number to tap into, and these are customers that are actively looking for businesses to support – so why not be one of them?

2. Long-term loyalty

One of the difficulties in advertising is finding the right customers who are loyal. Long-term loyalty is hard to find but can be a massive boost for your business if you find the right customers to retain. Performing arts patrons are known for their brand retention and loyalty – a truly potent combination.

For example, 39% of patrons remember the logo of businesses they see in performing arts program books, and 50% feel good about doing business with them. Moreover, 69% “think highly of companies that support the arts” and are more likely to support these businesses.

3. Hard to find demographic

The patrons of performing arts are traditionally a hard to find demographic, especially through digital media. They are not always on social media platforms, but they are readily available through performing arts program book advertising. This audience is comprised of many different demographics that can be a very valuable resource for long-term customer retention strategies.

To get a better understanding, here is a better breakdown of performing arts audiences:

General Breakdown

  • Marital Status:Married: 52%, Single: 48%
  • Occupation:Professional/Managerial: 68%
  • Gender breakdown:Male: 49%, Female: 51%
  • Age Range:34-44: 38%, 45-72: 62%

Real Estate/Income Breakdown

Real Estate Ownership: Own 79%, Rent: 21%

Approximate Home Value: under $200,000: 26%, $200,000 +: 74%

On a very granular level, it is clear to see this is a demographic that is highly prized and can be a major benefit for your business based on the general breakdown.

4. Disposable income

Not only is this audience loyal, but they also have disposable income that they are willing to spend. This is a demographic that prizes their wealth and uses it to really enjoy their lifestyle. To get an idea of their disposable income and how your brand could fit in that wider picture, here is a snapshot of their current spending activities.

  • 77% of the theatre audiences are avid restaurant goers who dine out at least once a week.
  • 78% will go to a restaurant or hotel for something to eat or drink before coming to the theatre.
  • 32% plan to go out for something to eat or drink after the performance.
  • 72% entertain friends or relatives at home.

This is just their activity/leisure spending, and to get even deeper on their spending habits paints a very clear picture of an audience that knows where to spend, and are happy to spend on a brand they believe in. For example, this audience has made larger purchases and investments such as:

  • Purchased A Car: 38%
  • Purchased A Home: 11%
  • Purchased Furniture: 39%
  • Purchased Jewelry: 49%
  • Purchased Airline Tickets: 65%
  • Traveled: 63%
  • Purchased Life Insurance: 15%
  • Joined A Private Club: 13%

5. Engaged audience

Ultimately, what this all leads to is an audience that is engaged – every step of the way. This is an audience who is involved and interested and will actually pay attention to your brand. For example, a “Take-Home and Pass-Along” Study showed the percentage of people who take their performing arts program book home: a whopping 96%!

Moreover, 97% of this audience also says that the performing arts program book is an important part of the theatre-going experience. 77% save their program book and readers per copy is about 2.4.

It becomes clear that this is the right audience to tap into and performing arts program books are the way to do this. If you are looking for a marketing method that provides results digital cannot, and has a real impact on your brand, these statistics show that performing arts patrons are the right demographic to invest in. Good selling!

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