One of the more powerful pieces of Audience Access is the ability to do mass text messaging.

Mass text messaging allows you to send a message to a set of folks in your system. Now notice how I said SET of folks. Most messages do not pertain to everyone, but how do you correctly put folks in the right buckets to know that you are sending the right message at the right time?

You do that through a set of keywords so that when these patrons first engage with your system, they are able to put themselves into the buckets, segments, or categories they are interested in.

For example, over the last few seasons, some of the good ones I’ve seen are keywords that you can use, so maybe if you use the word “Backstage,” these folks would be interested in having a Q&A with a conductor, or perhaps a meet the cast session, or maybe attend an audition or two. So when you have these opportunities come up, you know that you can text these folks that are interested in these types of things.

Another one would be to “support the arts” so the folks who use this keyword are interested in donating or taking part in volunteer opportunities. Or maybe they would love to have input on an upcoming season or some ideas about that or take part in surveys for grant applications.

And then finally, more of a catch-all would be like “preview” where these folks are interested in when you do announce the new season to let them know or if you have a deal, or maybe some discount tickets, or perhaps for your season ticket buyers. So in this way, you allow the patrons to put themselves into the segments or the buckets so that when you send that message to that 747 people announcing your new season, you know that those folks are interested in that message. I hope this helps and good luck!


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