Performing arts digital signage serves two key purposes throughout your venue. First, it’s a way to convey your message, sharing the information you want to put in front of your patrons. Second, it’s a form of artistic expression, setting the stage for your organization in a way that helps establish your theme and set the tone for your venue.

By properly utilizing your performing arts digital signage, you’ll discover that you can more effectively connect with your patrons.

Create Triggered Content

Just like the candy at the grocery store check-out lane, the content you want to share with your patrons will change based on many factors to create the same type of impulse purchases. For example, depending on the time of the season, you might want to encourage patrons to have holiday-themed drinks from the concession before the performance and at intermission. Keeping with the holiday theme, patrons are in the holiday spirit and offering group ticket sales on your digital signage could spur gift ideas that have not been considered before. By creating triggered content, you can reflect the changing seasons, adapt to the needs of your customers, and create a changing image that will continue to appeal and increase revenue.

Keep It Moving

When it comes to performing arts digital signage, you want content that changes quickly. If you’re offering marketing content, a message of fewer than thirty seconds is usually the most effective at connecting with patrons, encouraging them to watch the entire message and absorb its content.

Repurpose Existing Content

Adding performing arts digital signage to your marketing arsenal doesn’t mean that you have to shell out a fortune for new content. You can repurpose content from a variety of sources, including:

  • Art files from other marketing materials
  • Art files from print content
  • Existing promotion video for upcoming events

Using the content that you’ve already created will make it easier to design the content that you need for your digital signage at a lower cost. Over time, you can add to your arsenal and craft new content for the changing needs of your customers.

Utilize Motion Graphics

Motion graphics create the illusion of movement within your performing arts digital signage. This strategy offers a dynamic experience that’s sure to appeal to your patrons, bringing the digital signage to life and often encouraging your patrons to complete the actions you’re recommending. Moving content is more likely to appeal to patrons, encouraging them to continue interacting with the digital signage instead of letting it fade into the wallpaper.

Use Big Images and Text

When you’re creating content for performing arts digital signage, think big! You want large-scale lettering, big images, and content that makes use of your large platform. This isn’t the place for small letters or long, drawn-out explanations. Instead, go for those big-picture images that fully utilize your space.

Check Your Colors

Bright colors that pop are more likely to stand out to your patrons and capture their attention. Your colors, however, should be in keeping with other marketing materials for your organization. You should also take care to use colors that blend well together to create the most compelling visuals possible.

Prioritize Video

Patrons are more likely to remember what they’ve seen in a video than they are to remember the static text that flows across your digital signage. If you want to connect with them and help them to take action, appreciate your brand, and identify with your offerings, you need to intersperse moving, engaging content to help accomplish your goals. Studies have shown that around 80% of patrons will remember a video one month after seeing it, but that number drops dramatically for static ads or text alone.

Creating content for your performing arts digital signage is an ongoing process, but it’s one that’s well worth the time and investment! By creating the right content to appeal to your audience, you’ll discover an increase in patron interest and engagement throughout your season. Making full use of your digital signage will allow you to experience more of the advantages of this new and fascinating platform. Good selling

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