The performance is about to start, but before the curtain rises you have a captive audience thumbing through their program books reading about what they’re about to see. People love to be entertained! During those pre-performance minutes, while hanging in the suspense of what the upcoming performance will soon unveil, people cannot help themselves from becoming completely immersed in an activity. Even when the activity involves reading a printed program book. And this is the power of performing arts program book advertising–your product or service is in the hands of your potential customers while they are enjoying a night out of performing arts. We call this experiential marketing, and advertising in performing arts program books enables businesses to reach a highly coveted demographic and harness their attention with creative advertising.

Communicate with your Target Market

You have completed the groundwork for marketing your product or service; marketing research defines who you want to reach, and branding provides a noticeable image. Now you intend to communicate with potential customers to really emphasize the benefits they will enjoy from what you have to offer. A Survey of Public Participation in the Arts completed by the National Endowment for the Arts found that slightly over half of all American adults had attended a live visual or performing arts activity. The performing arts audience presents an array of demographics, depending on the event, you may find that your ideal customer is readily accessible. Attendance of older Americans at live performances is steadily increasing. Attendance of young adults (aged 18 to 24) remains high at performances that encourage group participation such as festivals for music and visual arts. Of the numerous performing arts venues available for your advertising campaign, program books give you the ability to speak directly to your potential customers.

Integrate Performing Arts Themes

Patrons of performing arts are highly interested in the performance they are about to see and this presents an advantage to advertisers by integrating the performance theme into your ad. Is your audience attending a theatrical version of The Wizard of Oz? The audience will be blown away by tailoring your ad into the performance and seeing what your business has to offer! People do not want to be marketed to, they would prefer to be entertained. Your advertisement now becomes part of the performance. Demonstrate your product or service to people while they are enjoying themselves and it is likely that the information provided will be stored in their memories. Emotional response strongly influences peoples’ ability to retrieve information efficiently. Linking an advertisement to a positive experience during a performance is a great example of adjusting one’s attention to focus on relevant information. Your ad might become the star of the show!

Supporting the Performing Arts

People are proud supporters of their local performing arts. The performing arts generate the opportunity for your business to get involved in community activities and be perceived as a supporter of these local performing arts organizations. Patrons of the performing arts are likely to use your product or service they see in their program book and return to your business time and again–friends buy from friends! Every facet of the community becomes accessible to your business when broadening your audience to those attending local performing arts events. Speak directly to people in areas where they feel most comfortable and generate conversation about your business through performing arts advertising. Good selling!

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