Ringling Brothers Circus may have closed their curtain after 146 years, but the program book advertising balancing act show must go on!

Program book ad sales reps must balance their advertising accounts this time of year, otherwise, a misstep could mean leaving money on the table.

It’s always tricky this time of year because performing arts advertising sales reps are wrapping up the current season, all the while itching to service their program book advertising accounts for the upcoming season.

While the current season program book ad inventory is drying up with every day that goes by, so is their wallet.

The dilemma they face is to continue selling for the current season or start servicing accounts for the upcoming season.

And a balancing act it is!

Go in too early, and you risk ticking off an advertiser. But go in too late, and significant sales opportunities could be lost.

So, what is one to do? And how is one to manage all these moving pieces?

Program Book Advertising CRM

It all starts with a strong CRM.

If your program book ad sales reps are not using one and still relying on sticky notes, old-fashioned calendars, and memory to service their accounts, they will not survive, nor will your program book.

A good CRM allows your program book ad sales reps to start seeing trends with certain program book advertisers so that the timing of when to call on these accounts year in and year out becomes very precise.

The ideal situation is for the advertiser to be expecting your call every year around the same time.

This way there are no surprises and best of all, they have built you into their advertising budget.

Continue Cultivating New Advertisers

The program book ad inventory may be drying up for the current season, but the new ad sales opportunities are not.

With smaller, one-time ad buys, getting a new advertiser to commit with a smaller price tag is going to be much easier.

After they understand the power of performing arts program book advertising from their “test run” in the current season, they now can be called on for a full season buy for the upcoming season.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use “Dealio’s”

For advertiser accounts that are notorious for “him-hawing” any time you call on them, don’t be afraid to throw in an incentive.

We like to call these “dealio’s.”

For example, if you have an advertiser that is always non-committal, give them another ad at no cost in the current season if they agree to sign the full-season renewal advertising agreement for the upcoming season.

Just make sure you have inventory available to do this. The worst thing that can happen is to add pages to accomplish this.

By using the proper program book ad sales tools, and a little “street smarts,” balancing on the program book advertising tightrope will feel more like a walk in the park. Good selling!

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