In the past and in the present, performing arts have a positive impact on our lives and our communities. Without the performing arts, life would be dull. Most people would agree with that. But the lesser, and often overlooked fact is that the performing arts enrich economies?

There was a recent study in Dallas that showed the “economic impact of the Dallas Arts District has tripled in five years, going from $128.6 million to $395.8 million.” That is more than a 207 percent increase. This is just one section of the country, I’m sure many other cities could give similar testimony about how their cities bloomed financially from a vibrant arts community.

How do the arts contribute to the economic growth of a city, and how can advertisers capitalize on this?

One of the ways performing arts positively impacts a city like Dallas and others is through job growth. If we stop to think about everything involved in staging a major performing arts production or a concert we get an idea of how jobs are created. Jobs such as stagehands, parking attendants, and maintenance crews are formed. The industries that are already established such as transportation, restaurants and tourism are greatly benefited.

Furthermore, when you stop to consider; the designing and construction of sets, the sewing of costumes, hair, and make-up, and building and parking maintenance, you realize how the performing arts bring dollars into a city.

Tourists fly in, they stay in hotels, eat at restaurants, they shop, and buy souvenirs. The artists themselves take voice or music lessons, purchase instruments and costumes, get pedicures and manicures, dine in restaurants, buy homes, and use transportation services. And on, and on.

How can these performing arts lovers translate into more revenue for your business through program book advertising? Performing arts program book advertising brings quality customers to your business. Magazines and newspapers are thumbed through and tossed in the trash, whereas performing arts program books are keepsakes, that is viewed many times over. The program books are an intricate part of the performance and studied from cover to cover while attendees are in their seats waiting for the concert or show to begin. They are kept for souvenirs and displayed in the home many days and months after the performance.

Advertising in performing arts program books reaches a wide audience of professionals, college students, families, senior citizens, and tourists from all over the country. These are a diverse group of customers, but they are also hard to reach customers. They are highly educated consumers with extraordinary purchasing power.

But Wait, There’s More Than Just Print!

Widen your reach with performing arts digital signage. Digital signage is all the rage, and patrons of the performing arts cannot turn away! According to Grand View Research, the digital signage market is expected to reach $20 billion by 2020. Enhance your program book advertising with a performing arts digital signage ad, and customers will be mesmerized by your business. Performing arts digital signage advertisements can’t help but captivate an audience.

As a potential advertiser, you can see, there is so much more to the performing arts than just performing art. The performing arts is big business. Good selling!

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