If you are managing your program book advertising campaign proactively this season, by now you have started your 2016-2017 program book advertising sales. Yet, were you aware that there are still considerable opportunities left for the 2015-2016 Season program book advertising sales campaign?

You must not lose sight of these opportunities. Indeed, for those of you that have multiple printings throughout the program book season, you must treat each and every printed edition as a separate program book advertising sales campaign.

3 Crucial Steps to Getting the Most Out Of Your Remaining Program Book Ad Sales

  1. Identify your program book ad inventory still available to sell.
  2. Establish rates for this inventory.
  3. Set your sales objective for these “mini campaigns.”

The easiest way to get sales for these new “mini campaigns” is to revisit those businesses that were approached early on for a full season buy but said “no thanks, but please keep us in mind for next season” or those businesses that said “we’d love to participate, but our budget has been spent for the year.”

You now have a compelling story for these prospects. And guess what–the rates are now lower! Why are the rates lower? Because this is now a partial season buy and your rates should be adjusted accordingly. What a great way for your prospects to “test drive” the power of program book advertising at a fraction of the original investment.

What makes this even better, is after the customer sees the results they get from this “test drive”, they can now be approached in a few weeks to set them up for a full season buy for the 2016-2017 season.

By handling your program book ad sales this way, your program book ad sales cycle never ends! There are always opportunities to sell program book advertising. Good selling!


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