Visit any web portal and you will be barraged with headlines like this.

“The internet is this”, “The internet is that.” Just to get you to click on it to see what the internet is so beside itself about. As if the internet is a person.

Cheesy to say the least! Click-bate, and slimy indeed.

Hopefully, by now, everybody knows why these things are written like this.

It’s so the owners of these crappy websites can charge the unsuspecting advertiser a click. I say “unsuspecting advertiser” because unfortunately, they were placed on the website by a robot.

Otherwise, nobody would ever visit these types of websites in the first place.

What has the world come to?

It seems the days of advertising along great content are waning.

Or are they?

You see, great content still exists. But unfortunately, programmatic bots have not been developed yet to search this content out.

Because believe it or not, much of the great content is still in print. And until we can find a robot to read all the printed content out there, and then place advertising next to the content that pertains to the appropriate marketer, we still have a long way to go.

But how can a marketer reach this audience?

As I’ve written before, big brands are getting more, and more into niche publishing because the way of the “mass eyeball approach” to getting your brand name out there seems to be shifting.

These brands realize that great content is where they will find their very loyal customers. And because more, and more of these click-bate websites are appearing every day, these big brands decided that they must take matters into their own hands. Hence, their own custom magazines.

But for a smaller business, getting into the niche publishing business is not the most economical way of marketing.

So, these businesses must look elsewhere to find great content that matches their brand’s message and community.

And this is where performing arts program book advertising comes in.

For the right business, seeking to be in front of a high-net-worth, highly educated audience with lots of disposable income, performing arts program books can fill this void.

Speak to A Performing Arts Program Book Advertising Specialist

No robots here. Because programmatic advertising hasn’t penetrated performing arts program book advertising, businesses actually get to speak to a professional account executive to help them with the placement of their advertising.

This ensures being placed in the right market, and in front of the right audience.

Not only will a professional performing arts program book advertising sales rep assist with the placement of the printed ad, but also with other marketing opportunities within the performing arts venue.

Mobile Performing Arts Program Books

An accompanying mobile performing arts program book allows a business to have a digital presence along with their printed ad.

Performing Arts Digital Signage

When a business chooses performing arts advertising as a part of their marketing plan, it doesn’t have to just stop with the printed program book.

Performing arts digital signage advertising opportunities can round out the whole performing arts marketing package.

So, is the internet really mad as hell at performing arts program books?

I really can’t speak for the internet, but what I can speak for is the business owner or marketing person that is looking to get in front of a great demographic. Not to mention having a live person assisting them through the whole process of printed program books, mobile program books, and performing arts digital signage.

As I think about it more, though, if I were the internet, maybe I would be mad as hell! Good selling.

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