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Questionnaire-Tell Us About Your Program
Performing Arts Organization
First Name
Last Name*
1) Are advertising sales currently handled in-house, or by a third-party vendor?*
2) Is production of the program – its design and layout – done in-house, or by a third-party vendor such as a printer or ad agency?*
3) Please state the ad revenue for the most recently completed season. Do not include the value of any ads placed as part of a sponsorship or trade. *
4) How many editions do you publish each season? *
5) What is the approximate date of your first performance for the next season? *
6) How many copies do you need for all editions for a season? *
7) If you currently print a “shell” or “wrap” section for your season’s programs that is printed in advance and used with “inserts” for each edition, please answer “A” below. Or, if each program edition is a separate print run with no common print pages, please answer “B” below.
A) For a “wrap-and-insert” structure, how many pages are printed in advance and are common to all editions, and then, how many pages are typically printed for each “insert” – the pages printed separately and unique to a specific edition? If this varies, please provide as much detail as possible. *
B) If each edition is a totally separate print run, what is the typical total page count for each edition, including the covers?

Typical total page count for each edition
8) Based on the above specs, how much is your normal total pint bill?
9) Of the above page counts, how many do you use for your content such as program notes?