I am starting to hear increasingly from performing arts organizations that after they’ve made a huge investment in their digital signage, they just don’t know how to use their displays.

In other words, they are struggling for content to be displayed on their new and shiny investment.

Performing arts digital signage is another marketing channel, so when used wisely, it is a powerful way get your message across as well as reinforce your branding.

However, with this newer technology for performing arts venues comes the struggle of just how to use these things.

But it doesn’t have to be a struggle if you think differently about performing arts digital signage.

If you think in terms of storytelling, it becomes a bit clearer on just what to display.

By thinking in these terms, it will be a lot easier to organize your thoughts when you sit down and start laying out the images and videos in your digital signage playlist.

Instead of just plopping in images and videos in a haphazard way in your playlist, organizing them in a story will allow you to have a much more powerful message for your patrons.

As I’ve mentioned before, just having static images roll through your playlist is a huge fail for performing arts digital signage.

Patrons don’t want to see this boring stuff.

Your patrons want to be intrigued and entertained. They are attending an artistic event, after all!

Use Your Program Book as Your Storyline

Still stuck on where to begin telling your story? I’d venture to guess you have a story right under your nose in your program books!

Use your program book for the night’s performance as your storyline. An added benefit of doing this is that you already have all the images you need to populate your playlist.

Don’t be afraid to display the bios of the talent for that evening on your digital signage. This is a win-win. A win for the talent (who doesn’t love to see their name in lights?) and a win for your patrons.

By using your program books as your storyline, the night’s performance is being reinforced wherever your patrons are.

Your patrons will learn about the night’s performance when they are in their seats reading the program book, and they can still learn about the performance at intermission when they’re mingling in the lobby, all the while reinforcing your brand.

Sprinkle into this story some spots from your major sponsors and voila! You have a powerful marketing message. Good selling!

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