Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek

We’re upgrading your advertisers. Bigger brands, with larger budgets and bigger returns to your arts organization.

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“You are judged by the company you keep.”

Arts sponsors are barraged by underwriting requests. We have a plan to help global brands learn new ways to reach arts patrons. Our network of arts organizations provides a very desirable reach and frequency in a quality environment, but, there are still major markets that aren’t in our network yet.



Introducing Artspac.

A premium direct mail program that targets arts patrons and helps your organization reach new potential audiences, while allowing national advertisers/brands to reach a highly targeted audience who may not be easily digitally accessible.

Mailing 6x a year, it will provide a reach and frequency that will give major brands an opportunity to support the arts and connect their brand with yours. We’ve got all kinds of ways to add conversion tracking data to old fashioned direct mail. Plus, we’ll have our accomplished national account managers calling on brands spending $100M+ annually to add their message to your program books and our mailings. Together, we’ll be able to return more money to your organization and upgrading the company you keep.

Still to come…

Engaging Audiences

While the blue hair/blue blood audiences get the new Artspac delivered at home, the digital generation will find new ways to engage at your event, with our free digital signage and mobile pre-, intermission and post- show engagement tools that allow you to add value to your event for your patrons and your advertising partners.

Increasing Returns

If you still are skeptical about the cost/benefit analysis of working with Onstage to manage your program book publishing, we’re also launching a new calculator to let you test the value equation of our partnership.

Mail still works.

Thinking there’s nothing new about plain old mail? If you’re on this page, you found it from a mailing. There’s a reason advertisers still spend money doing it.

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If you’d like more advertising subsidizing your organization and have your program books published for free, call Norm for a no-obligation discussion of how Onstage delivers returns.