Selling program book advertising for specific performances is always a good selling strategy.

And sometimes some performances are going to be easier to sell into than others.

Traditional holiday performances are always great to sell into because of the increased distribution that a potential advertiser will realize just by buying into one program book issue.

Think Nutcracker or Christmas Carol. The program book print run for these performances are sometimes double or triple the normal print run of other performances throughout the season. And these types of performances are going to appeal to a much broader range of businesses because they’re wanting the large print run exposure more than anything.

But sometimes the season line up is with some more riskier, off-Broadway performances that not all advertisers are going to be familiar with. And the print runs on these types of performances are usually the average distribution, if not smaller.

In cases like these, we like to target niche businesses that would be a good fit for a certain performance. In this way, we are tailoring the program book to performance specific advertisers.

It’s almost a sponsored content advertising approach that we take, but without all the additional work true sponsored ads take.

One of the leaders in this type of print advertising is Forbes Magazine. If you’ve ever picked up an issue, you will see advertising that almost looks like content, but is presented in such a way that it actually engages the reader.

With tailoring ads to specific performances, we’re doing a bit of the same thing. The only difference being that the ad speaks for itself, instead of the costly customized content that Forbes Magazine creates for their sponsored advertisers.

To tailor specific businesses to specific performances simply look at the plot or theme of the performance and start calling businesses that have this same type of theme as well.

This gives your program book sales reps the ability to expose businesses to performing arts program book advertising that may never have thought about it before.

On the flip-side, this gets your program book sales reps to think a little more creatively and call on businesses that they may never have thought of as being a good fit for the program book product in the first place.

Now that’s a win-win! Good selling.

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