As local businesses continue to become more digitally savvy, they still have a need for expert advertising advice. With so many different marketing options, traditional and online, it seems so easy for brands to get lost in the shuffle and lose their edge in a competitive market. Our advertising model has always been based on getting a real return on investment, and this is the kind of situation we thrive in. For us, our advertisers are not just viewed as a client — we see ourselves as an extension of their business, giving them the right advice to stand out.

With our nationwide scale of performing arts program books and venue digital signage, we are able to assist a local business advertiser in what is working and what is not in display advertising and video. It is a fine line to tread, but we do it well, because we believe in results and honesty, rather than hype. Digital marketing does not always get the desired result for local businesses, mainly because they do not have the right advisors in place to make strategic decisions.

All too often whenever we take over the publishing of a venue’s program books, we inevitably hear some key phrases from advertisers. The most frequent one? “The ad didn’t work, we want to cancel.”

It does not take a whole lot of detective work to understand their frustration. After looking at what the previous publisher or venue itself slapped together for the advertiser’s program book ad, it becomes clear. In fact, we almost expect that kind of response before even picking up the phone to talk to them.

At that point, it is easy to get frustrated or jaded. But the truth is, we know what works. We have been doing this for years, and we have been doing it well. (Don’t believe us? This post will tell you moreAnd this oneAnd this one!)

Basically, what this translates to for our clients is that we just do not give up. We spot the problems, we analyze the best route, and more important, we get results. We do a deep dive and really learn about a business. Digital marketing is dependent on a lot of buzzwords, but our strategies are not. We know what our audiences like, we have taken the time out to research them, and we design with everyone’s best interests at heart. No sneaky algorithms, or exorbitant price hikes, and we certainly do not keep or sell data.

After we learn about the businesses we work with, their services and their offerings, we start from scratch. We are not in the business of repurposing advertising, instead, we redesign completely and show them what is truly possible and how to get results from performing arts advertising.

What comes next? Well, simply…it works! Our clients have come back season after season, positively awash with happiness at how excited they are that performing arts advertising when done right, is accomplishing exactly what it should be accomplishing for the advertiser.

How can we be so sure about our process? Because well, we have worked for years to hone our craft. We learned quickly that there is no one-size-fits-all solution towards developing compelling and successful performing arts advertising. Instead, we choose to treat our client’s business like it is our own business, and this strategy has served us well. There is no better feeling than knowing we have done a job well done.

And this is the kind of deep dive, strategic understanding that Onstage account executives bring to the table to local advertisers, as well as national advertisers. Plus, we offer free graphic design services to boot…

Now that is a deal hard to pass up. Good selling!

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