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When Onstage publishes your program books you win

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When Onstage publishes your program books, you win. No longer do you have to spend money to print program books, deal with printers, sell ads, layout, and design your program books, or hire the staff that goes with it. Not only do you not have to pay for all that, but we’ll also pay you in most cases for the honor of doing it for you.

It’s funny how most performing arts organizations don’t realize the total cost of publishing their program books. That’s why we’ve built our online calculator to show you how much you are spending!

We’re the program book specialists with an entire team built around efficiency and delivering the highest quality performing arts program books for you. Our sales team works year-round, contacting advertisers to cement contracts and get ads delivered on time. Our production wizards use tools optimized for publishing program books and do it more than anyone else in the business. When it comes to efficiency, we’re zen masters. And since we buy printing for hundreds of different program books each month, we get the best possible pricing.

We’ve had performing arts organizations say “donations cover our costs” and you can’t beat that price. But once you work out all the factors, it usually costs you in other ways, including lost ad revenue and precious time.

When you work with Onstage, you’ll quickly realize that you can now spend less time publishing your program books and more time focusing on your performance.


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