Onstage Program Book Management System
A proven program book system that is guaranteed to cut your costs, help you gain more control of your time right away, and improve the quality of your current program books.
Onstage Publications does everything!
Advertising Sold
Stop cold calling and stop worrying about selling enough advertising to cover your costs! Onstage’s professional advertising executives are uniquely trained to deliver the message of your organization to local businesses within the community. On every call, we call on behalf of your organization. We become your ambassadors of your organization to the local business community by promoting your season’s line-up regardless of whether or not a sale is made.

From first contact, to signing of the advertising agreement, every Onstage professional advertising executive follows a sales system that has been honed and cultivated over many years to tell the story of performing arts advertising.

The sole focus of Onstage Publications is to produce and sell advertising in program books for your arts organization. Revenues are not cross-sold with adjacent local non- performing arts publications; hence, there is no revenue dilution, nor split loyalties within our sales force. The importance of performing arts advertising is understood in each sale; that message is never compromised.

The Onstage sales force is specially trained to approach advertisers from a wide variety of suitable industries, utilizing CRM cloud tools, proprietary software and materials according to SIC code. Cross-selling with other performing arts publications, both regional and national, are a vital part of the sales mix for each individual publication as well as the advertiser.

Onstage captures key information about local businesses--where they are located, their marketing patterns, and thus, their special importance to your patrons.

In every sale, and in each continuing conversation, Onstage keeps the advertiser’s best interests at heart. This includes an early and popular decision to include free professional ad design for all advertisers. Onstage understands the importance of giving every advertiser the opportunity to target their marketing properly to your audience.

This highly-trained, complex approach has proven itself through years of consistent results.
Contracts Checked
No more proofing ads for accuracy! After each and every sale, advertising contracts are thoroughly checked, entered into a proprietary advertising inventory control system, and audited. This assures for accuracy and reduces claims to near 0%.

Top priority at Onstage is building good relationships with each advertiser as well as the local community. With all customer follow-up, advertisers are always greeted with unparalleled professionalism and courtesy.
Online Billing
No more chasing down payments! Once the audited contracts are received in the billing department, all advertisers are proofed on their ad regardless of whether it is customer supplied or we are building the ad for the client. The contracts are then invoiced and billed online for customer convenience. For advertising agencies that require a tear sheet along with a hard copy invoice, these are all set up for future billing and sent out upon publication. Onstage’s billing department sends out first of the month statements and mid-month statements to assure timely collections.
You Provide Your Content
You don’t have to worry about layout and design anymore! You provide Onstage your content, and we’ll take it from there.

Every program book has a unique look, with a customized cover, customized branding, customized content inside. With respect to the outside world, the unique identity and image of your organization is presented with the utmost care. And yet, with this face to the world, a visit to our operations will reveal that the back-office production activity is highly standardized and has the latest graphic design technology. It is that very standardization and best in class processes that make it possible for us to control our costs in order to offer you, the performing arts organization, a high-quality product on such beneficial terms.
Print and Mobile Versions
Patron’s today will consume their content in all different forms. This is why Onstage has made the commitment to produce a customized social responsive mobile version of your printed program book at no additional cost to you. Onstage has carefully added the production of your mobile program book into the production workflow so that it is a seamless process. So all the while your printed program book is in production, behind the scenes your mobile version is being created. Now your patrons can choose how they want to view their program book with no additional work on your end.

On the flip side, advertiser’s today plan, budget for, and expect digital advertising in their marketing mix. With Stageview, Onstage can accommodate so that crucial advertisers are never lost because of offering printed program books only.
Revisions Are Made
After your program books have been through the production department, they are proofed out to you for your inspection. You can make your notes and revisions any way you please---we even accept chicken scratching’s! You can then fax, email, pdf, or however you please back to Onstage and we’ll get back to work. Our goal is to make this the easiest thing you will ever do. We like to say you get two rounds of revisions, but we understand your needs. We will gladly make as many revisions as you need until you are happy!
Program Books are Printed
Stop losing money on print! Onstage has taken the strategic position as the low-cost provider among performing arts publications, while producing a high-quality, high-prestige program book for your organization. The specifications of these performing arts publications make a critical difference for your organization’s long term success in the community.

Over the years, Onstage has refined an array of standardized and cost-contained product specifications, as well as commercial printer relationships with only a handful of strategically located high-end quality printers. And because of the volume of printing that is outsourced year after year, we are able to get volume discounted pricing which once again, enables us to offer you the highest of quality program books on such beneficial terms.
Beautiful Program Books Arrive
Program books are time sensitive publications. Each and every program book delivery is hand held until it is delivered to your specific location so you don’t have to stress about delivery times anymore! Should you have any questions, one call does it all. No more dealing with delivery services telling you to call someone else. All you have to do is call us and we will have an answer to the specific time and date on the arrival of your new and shiny program books.