Engagement Tools


We’re working with a constantly growing client base of performing arts organizations, arts venues, and now direct mail to arts patrons across the county. For information on our reach and frequency, and incredibly reasonable national rates, please send a request for a media kit.



Our proprietary software systematizes our process to make working with you, your advertisers, and building successful, mutually beneficial relationship as painless as possible. No matter where you are located, utilizing our Lighthouse system will make it feel like you are working with someone in the next building instead of half-way around the country.

Program Books

How do you have a conversation with your audience before, during and after the show, without interrupting everyone else? What’s the memento to remind you of a wonderful, life changing performance? A program book. We manage everything from selling advertising to design to printing allowing you to focus on your performance.

Digital Signage

There aren’t ads in the middle of the symphony, a Broadway show, or an opera, but there are intermissions. That’s when we reinforce your brand message.

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