Engagement Tools

Program Books

When Onstage publishes your program books you win.

No longer do you have to spend money to print programs, deal with printers, sell ads, design and produce the book, or hire the staff that goes with it. Not only do you not have to pay for all that, we’ll pay you in most cases for the honor of doing it for you.

It’s funny how most arts organizations don’t realize the total cost of supporting this ancillary part of putting on a performance. That’s why we’ve built our online calculator to show you how much you spend without knowing the total cost of ownership.

We’re the program book specialists with an entire team built around efficiently delivering the highest quality, ad filled and paid for program books. Our sales team works year round, contacting advertisers to cement contracts and get ads delivered on time. Our production wizards use tools optimized for producing program books and do it more than anyone else in the business. When it comes to efficiency, we’re zen masters. And since we buy printing for hundreds of different program books each month, we get the best possible pricing.

We’ve had organizations that said “we get_______________ donated” and you can’t beat that price, more times than you can imagine, but once you work out all the factors, it’s usually costing you in other ways- including lost ad revenue.

And, while we started with just program books, when you add in all the other tools we put at your disposal, you’ll quickly realize that when you work with Onstage, you can spend more time focusing on your performance and less time publishing.

Digital Signage

We help you reach your type of audience. Harness the power of knowing your audience.

There aren’t ads in the middle of the symphony, a Broadway show, or an opera, but there are intermissions. That’s when we reinforce your brand message to this elusive audience as they stretch their legs, have a drink, or go to the restrooms.

Full motion video running inside some of the most amazing venues in the country can make your brand stand out. Just be prepare to tell your story silently… but you already knew that.

Best of all, we can update and deliver different message almost instantly to audiences across the country. No extra cost for delivery.


We help you reach the hard to reach. Performing arts patrons are a desirable demographic

The dirty little secret of modern advertising is that there is way too much of it. Consumers are barraged with ads, everywhere, all the time. What OnStage offers is a chance to connect with successful, wealthier, better educated audiences while they are engaged in something that’s very important to them- the performing arts. Enriching their lives, and the community, they look positively at those who choose to advertise in support of the arts, while in a relaxed environment. OnStage advertising channels reach people who are receptive to your brand, without feeling overwhelmed.

It’s not just printing anymore

While we started with program books, we’ve expanded to digital signage in performing arts venues. Digital program books, (Stageview) allow advertisers to reach patrons before and after the show. And, our ArtsPac direct mail adds one extra touch to reach the discriminating arts patron.


We’re working with a constantly growing client base of performing arts organizations, arts venues and now, direct mail to arts patrons in top 50 markets. For information on our reach and frequency, please send a request for a media kit. mediakit@onstagepublications.com

Audience Access and Stageview

The ultimate program tool for festivals where things change by the minute.

Audience Access is a mobile friendly program book that allows you to collect contact information from your audience while serving up a complete, up-to-the minute program guide. We’ve helped festivals grow their registered contact database exponentially with this easy to use tool. 

We set up a phone number for your guests to text to, to receive access and updates to the event in near real-time.

Ask for a demonstration. One more way you’ll realize that working with Onstage lets you give your best performance.