We’ve all been there. You are browsing the internet and find an article that piques your interest. Perhaps it contains information that you are eager to consume. So you click on the link and wait for the page to load. Then, just as you start reading, the screen darkens and a video pops up. The video tells you that you can skip the ad in five seconds. So you sit there, annoyed at the person in the video doing the talking, annoyed at the company doing the advertising, and annoyed at the site for not letting you get to the content you wanted in a timely manner. Instead of paying attention to the ad, your eyes focus on the countdown timer. You stare at it impatiently as you wait for it to hit zero so you can skip the ad and get to the good stuff.

This scenario isn’t good for anybody. The person trying to sell their product or service has only created a negative emotion in the person they are reaching out to. More importantly, the would-be customer only saw five seconds of the ad, and probably couldn’t tell you anything about those few seconds that they did see. They can probably describe the font on the countdown timer in exquisite detail though. So kudos to the font designer, I guess.

You don’t want to be the customer annoyed by ads. You don’t want to be the website owner driving away visitors. More importantly, you don’t want to be that advertiser having his or her brand associated with a negative experience. Thankfully, there is a much better advertising medium available to you. Performing arts program books will put your ad in front of people who are making fantastic memories. Not only that but performing arts program book advertising is unobtrusive. So these would-be customers associate your brand with something that augmented their good experience rather than hindered it.

Does it get any better than reaching an engaged audience that will be receptive to your ad and associate it with a positive experience? Actually, it does. A well placed and effective ad placed in a performing arts program book penetrates a hard to reach audience. Patrons of the performing arts have some of the most desirable demographics for advertisers. They are:

Wealthy – Over 35% of audience members make over $100,000 annually. Only 6% of the general population brings in that much money.

Mature – Over 79% of performing arts patrons are 35 years old and over. This market alone represents over 69% of the U.S. population.

Well-educated – Less than 10% of the general population of the U.S. holds a master’s or doctoral degree. Among the audiences of performing arts, that number is over 38%.

Skewed toward women – Close to 66% of ticket buyers for the performing arts are women.

Loyal – Performing arts patrons love the arts. And because of that, they love companies that support the arts. In fact, 61% of patrons say they are more likely to support companies that do.

When deciding where to invest your advertising dollars for your next ad placement, the choice seems clear. You want viewers of your ad to see you as a supporter of their goals, not as an inhibitor of them. By placing your next ad in a performing arts program book, you’ll reach a highly desirable audience, and you’ll make a favorable impression on them. That is a far better outcome than spending money on a 30-second video that will be skipped after five seconds. Good selling!

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