When patrons attend the performing arts, they expect an interesting, unique, and entertaining experience. Your performances do, of course, create a solid and important foundation for this ideal experience. However, there is more to building a perfect evening for your patrons.

Everything from the clothing of your ushers to the cleanliness of your lobby and bathrooms will contribute to this experience. Not only that, but many patrons feel that the lobby signage and posters they view at your venue contribute significantly to their overall experience. Therefore, it is quite clear that you will want to give your patrons the very best in the way of such things.

How can you go about presenting your patrons with the very best in the way of lobby signage and posters? Why not make the switch to performing arts digital signage?

Why Use Performing Arts Digital Signage?

Traditional printed show posters look very nice. They get the message across and are what you and your patrons are accustomed to having around. Why then, would you choose to make such an enormous change in the way you promote upcoming events at your venue?

There are actually a number of reasons to make the switch from printed lobby posters to digital signage. Here are just a few:

Digital signage is a fabulous choice because it is eye-catching, meaning more people see, read, and remember what is displayed on these digital signs. This is especially true if you have included a video or two which is incredibly hard to miss.

Some venues choose to make certain aspects of their digital signage interactive. As you can imagine, this makes the digital signs much more memorable than they might have been otherwise.

Changing the content and advertisements displayed on these digital signs is relatively easy. This means you can consistently display up-to-date information and advertisements, ensuring you avoid the mistake of promoting a past performance or event.

Entertainment venues that have made the switch from printed posters to digital signage have seen an increase in patronage experience as well as group ticket sales

How Does It Work?

Perhaps you are now left wondering how all this works. Well, for starters you will need to have a digital signage professional come out to evaluate your space and figure out which type of signage is best for your venue. In industry speak, this is called the site-survey.

Next, someone will return to install the necessary equipment. From there, you will need to develop or acquire content for the digital signage which can be displayed to patrons before and after every performance in your venue.

What Content Should I Use?

The content that is displayed must be current, bold, and easy to read. Contrasting colors are great because they are eye-catching, and the moderate use of video is a wonderful way to fill content.

Additionally, interactive options such as building navigation are a major bonus that draws patrons into your digital signage experience. In general, you want to make sure your content catches the eye without feeling intrusive or distasteful.

Can I Have Help?

Once you have chosen to make the switch to performing arts digital signage, you will want to find some professionals to help get the ball rolling. While many performing arts venues choose to pay for installation and run the entire digital signage content on their own, a number of performing arts venues are learning just how valuable it can be to have someone do the majority of the work for them. After all, putting on live performances is hard work and you and the others on your staff probably already have enough on their plates.

Therefore, finding a company that knows their stuff when it comes to performing arts digital signage can be enormously helpful. This will ensure you get the right number of digital signs in your venue and have the right content mix that displays on them. Good selling!

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