Marketing for a luxury auto dealership isn’t easy. Not only do you need to convince people to spend money on an expensive car, but you have to compete with other dealers in your area and find a way to market your dealership while staying within a budget. If you market your dealership in the wrong way, you’ll end up wasting money and not bringing in as many customers as you could.

However, there is one secret weapon that too many luxury auto dealers fail to use – performing arts advertising. This typically isn’t the first place luxury auto dealers tend to think of when it comes to places to advertise, but perhaps it should be. Rather than focusing your attention on TV ads or social media, spending some of your budget on performing arts advertising could pay off greatly. Here’s why:

A Hyper-Targeted Demorgraphic

As a luxury car dealership, you’re not marketing to everyone. Your target market is people who have a high income, and with plenty of discretionary income. Why waste your time advertising to people who can’t afford your car anyway?

The demographics of a performing arts patron tend to be the same as luxury car drivers. These are people with high incomes, and who are willing to spend it on nicer things, so it’s going to be a venue full of people who are likely more interested in a luxury car. There aren’t too many places where the entire room is practically filled with your target market, but the performing arts are one of them.

They’re Local

There’s another quality about the patrons that attend performances that will likely be interested in luxury car automobiles – they’re typically locals. Just like you don’t want to market to someone who can’t afford your car, you also don’t want to market to someone who isn’t even in the same area. People aren’t likely to drive a large distance out of the way just to get a car from you – rather, they’ll go to a dealer that is closer to home.

As such, you need to focus on marketing to the people in your area. And while performing arts venues will likely have some people who are just looking for something to do while they’re visiting, most of the people in attendance will be from the area. By advertising your dealership in performing arts program books, and digital signage, you’re now not only marketing to people who can afford your cars, but you’re marketing to people who are the most likely to shop from you, since they’re local.

Performing Arts Advertising is Affordable

One of the best features about performing arts advertising is that it’s affordable. This is still a relatively well-kept secret, meaning there isn’t a lot of competition. You can spend a fraction of the cost on an ad with performing arts advertising than you would on a television ad. And while you won’t reach as many people, the people that you’ll be reaching are more likely to become your customers. In terms of ROI, performing arts advertising is one of your better options.

Your Ad Stays with Them

At the performance, every patron receives a program book with your ad in it. And while the patron’s wait for the performance in the lobby, your 30-second spot is running on the venue’s digital signage.

At intermission, patrons either choose to stay in their seats perusing the program book with your ad in it, or they mingle in the lobby getting drinks where they see your ad on the venue’s digital signage.

After the performance, the program book stays with them and makes its way back to their home. As they are leaving the venue, they see your ad once again on the venue’s digital signage.

You can’t get this kind of coverage with a regular TV ad!

Start Considering Performing Arts Advertising

As you can see, there are many benefits with performing arts advertising for your luxury car dealership. So, take some time to analyze how you’re currently marketing your luxury car dealership and decide if this is an avenue you might want to explore. If you give it a try, you may find that it becomes one of your best marketing tools and a secret weapon you hope your competitors don’t find out about.

To find out more about performing arts advertising, please check out this article. Good selling!

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