Remembering to use the system for overcoming program book advertising sales objections:

  • Listen
  • Probe
  • Classify
  • Respond

let’s take a look at “program book advertising doesn’t work.”

  1. Listen carefully to what the client is saying.
  1. Convert the objection into a question:

“Then, you feel that your last ad in the program book didn’t bring the results you expected, is that correct?”

  1. Listen to the client’s answer and use it to guide your response.

Some sample responses to this very common program book advertising sales objection would be as follows:

“The fact that you have tried program book advertising in the past Mr./Mrs. Client proves that at one time you felt that performing arts program book advertising was a good medium in which to advertise your business. Because customers don’t tell you their purchases are a result of your program book advertising, it doesn’t necessarily mean that program book advertising is ineffective. Very few people will mention an advertisement that they saw when placing an order, unless you specifically ask them.”


“The main idea behind an advertisement in the performing arts program book is to attract and let potential customers know what products and services you have to offer. There’s an old saying in the advertising business that states ‘It’s just as important to know what is in your ad as to know what your ad is in!’ Bearing this in mind, I’d like to discuss your business with you to see how we may be able to help you get the type of results that advertising in our program book can produce for you.”


“You say ‘no results’, but do you know for a fact? Have you tried asking customers how they found out about your business? If you aren’t currently asking your customers it’s a good idea to do this to find out what truly works and what does not work. Very few customers will mention how they happened to find your business, with the possible exception of a personal recommendation from someone, unless you ask them.”

At Onstage Publications, we love getting this particular program book advertising sales objection—“It didn’t work” because of our digital program book, Stageview. We are able to track everyone that saw a particular advertisement and then give that feedback to the advertiser. It is very hard to overcome hard data and 99% of the time, the advertiser will end up renewing after sharing this data with them.

By following and practicing this system for overcoming objections, you will be on your way to more program book advertising sales. Good selling!


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