Remembering to use the system for overcoming program book advertising sales objections:

  • Listen
  • Probe
  • Classify
  • Respond

let’s take a look at “I don’t advertise.”

  1. Listen carefully to what the client is saying.
  1. Convert the objection into a question:

“You never advertise in any form? Do you disagree with the idea of advertising then?”

  1. Listen to the client’s answer and use it to guide your response.

A sample response to this very common program book advertising sales objection would be as follows:

“If your business is doing well without advertising, Mr./Mrs. Customer, I wonder how your business would do with advertising. Although business owners often overlook the fact, but the sign outside your building is really a form of advertising, although you really couldn’t place a value on the sign until you removed it and noticed the decrease in business. It’s only natural—we don’t miss what we don’t have, and the same principle can be applied to performing arts program book advertising. By asking you to advertise in our program book, I’m merely requesting your permission to put a sign similar to the one outside your building, into every program book we print for the upcoming season. It would invite any of the people doing business elsewhere to at least consider your business for their next purchase.”

At Onstage Publications, we run into this objection often. For the untrained professional program book advertising sales rep, this would be an immediate “out” for them to get onto the next call. “Ok, thank you for your time” and on to the next call they go. But with the proper training on how to overcome these very common advertising objections, you can keep the conversation going convincing the prospect that program book advertising does work, and ultimately close the sale. Good selling!

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