Remembering to use the system for overcoming program book advertising sales objections:

  • Listen
  • Probe
  • Classify
  • Respond

Let’s take a look at “I have all the business I can handle.

  1. Listen carefully to what the client is saying.
  1. Convert the objection into a question:

“Are you saying that you would turn down a new customer?”

  1. Listen to the client’s answer and use it to guide your response.

Some sample responses to this very common program book advertising sales objection are as follows:

  1. “You’re very fortunate, but suppose things were to slack off considerably. What would you do?”
  1. “Will this be true six months or a year from now? How can you be sure?”
  1. “Things can often change at the least expected time. What if your profitable customers move away or change suppliers? It does, and can happen. What plans do you have to replace this lost business?” (Pause.)
  1. “Do you have any customers you could do without? Those who might be slow payers, overly demanding, or not profitable? Now is the time to replace them with the type you prefer. A good ad geared toward your most profitable customer in our program book can help with this.”
  1. That’s fine Mr./Mrs. Client. I’m pleased to hear your business is good. Many firms we call on are in the same position. But these firms continue to advertise in our program book in the hope of attracting more desirable and more profitable buyers. They feel if they can secure a better clientele during good times, they will have a greater customer base to sell to in bad times.”

This program book advertising sales objection is a common one, especially just to get you off the phone. But by overcoming it with one of the suggestions above, you can keep the prospect on the phone longer, engage them more so that you can share with them what program book advertising can do for their business, and ultimately getting them to the close. Good selling!


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