Remembering to use the system for overcoming program book advertising sales objections:

  • Listen
  • Probe
  • Classify
  • Respond

Let’s take a look at “I’m cutting down on expenses, not increasing them.”

  1. Listen carefully to what the client is saying.
  1. Convert the objection into a question:

“As I understand it, you feel that your program book advertising represents an area where you could reduce your costs?”

  1. Listen to the client’s answer and use it to guide your response.

Some sample responses to this very common program book advertising sales objection are as follows:

  1. “Mr./Mrs. Client, I’m afraid rising costs are a way of life today despite all efforts to hold them down. Your program book ad still gives you a tremendous value for your dollar, especially when you compare it to the cost of other types of advertising media like radio, TV, newspapers, etc.”
  2. “Think of your program book advertising as an investment, Mr./Mrs. Client. When business slows down, you want your name and product or services in the program book. It’s like a sign on the most affluent streets in town.”
  3. “I can certainly understand your budget problems Mr./Mrs. Client, but cost conscious people make our best customers. You see, continued sales growth is based on your business receiving a satisfactory return on your advertising investment. Like you, other companies have had budget problems, but they found that they could generate even more business by investing in program book advertising.”

Businesses are bombarded with sales calls and offers every single day, and this objection is a common one to either get you off the phone, or the business owner is so immune to all the sales calls that they automatically think to themselves “another cost!”

But in reality, advertising is an investment in their business and if the right advertising is purchased, it will pay for itself several times over. By using some of the responses above to this common program book advertising sales objection, and with your own spin on it, you can turn a “no” into a “yes” pretty quickly. Good selling!

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