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Thus, we’ve been looking at our performing arts groups and the fantastic venues they perform in. Each organization has a unique focus, with their own story to tell. Today, we turn our gaze westwards again, towards a cultural epicenter of the United States, as we bring to you the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra (LACO).

LACO is of particular interest to the most discerning SoCal audiences because they perform chamber music. If the words chamber music or orchestra sound dull, or decidedly un-sexy, we urge you to think again! These performances are arguably the most difficult to perform, and only the most exceptional musicians would attempt them.

An Introduction to Chamber Music in LA

If you’re new to classical music, chamber music is a unique niche in the genre. It’s specifically composed for smaller ensembles of musicians. Originally, chamber music was played in churches, small theaters, and the estates of the wealthiest families.

  • Chamber music is written for smaller groups of musicians.
  • Usually, only one or two musicians will play at a time.
  • Vocals are occasionally included.
  • It’s one of the most challenging forms of classical music to perform. There is no powerful orchestra to drown the sound of a mistake.

Encyclopedia Brittanica describes it as “intimate music, suited to the expression of subtle and refined musical ideas.” It’s known for vibrant displays of varied instrumental colors. In other words, the audience will experience performances that feel like a string of outstanding classical solos.

The powerful, even overwhelming sounds of a huge orchestra have almost no part in chamber music. Instead, composers and musicians focus on refinement and flawless acoustical balance. It’s meant for the most discriminating listener. Sample the sound at LACO’s YouTube Channel.

The Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra History & Mission

Per their website “LACO was founded in 1968 as an artistic outlet for the recording industry’s most gifted musicians. Founder, cellist James Arkatov, envisioned an ensemble that would allow these conservatory-trained players to balance studio work and teaching with pure artistic collaboration at the highest level.” He passed in 2019 at the age of 98. He was also an accomplished photographer.

  • Visionary conductor Jaime Martin has just taken the podium as Music Director for the 2019-2020 season. Congratulations!
  • Over the years, LACO has produced 31 recordings. You can listen to their most recent here.
  • They’ve toured Japan, Europe, and South America, and performed at venues all over North America.
  • They’ve proudly earned eight ASCAP Awards for Adventurous Programming.
  • Public Radio International called them “America’s finest chamber orchestra.”
  • And Los Angeles Magazine describes them as “LA’s most un-intimidating chamber music experience.”

Their mission is “to enrich and connect our community through intimate and transformative musical experiences which exemplify and foster artistic excellence, education and innovation.” Their goal is to become a cultural force in LA and gain worldwide recognition.

Chamber Music LA

LACO is also a founding member of Chamber Music LA. It’s a collective of six renowned presenters from all around SoCal including:

Their vision is to make LA the Chamber Music Capital of the World! And we love helping them do it.

Our Role

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