With every entry in our ongoing Amazing Venues series, we’re taking a close look at the gorgeous venues and talented performing arts groups we work with. Today we bring you one of our most modern venues, a community center built in 1982, in the busy heart of downtown Colorado Springs.

When we think of Colorado, we think of pristine forests, fresh mountain air, and world-class ski resorts. But Broadway has a home there too, at Pike’s Peak Center with the American Theater Guild.

The American Theater Guild

Even if you’re not from Colorado Springs, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about the American Theater Guild before. This traveling troupe brings Broadway performances to venues all around the US like:

  • Kansas City
  • Lubbock
  • Wichita
  • Toledo
  • Phoenix
  • and others

We know that producing a Broadway show is a ton of work! Even for just one night, at one location, these events require real dedication to produce. Think about it! Talent must be hired, props acquired, scripts memorized, and costumes designed. Lighting and sound professionals have their duties, and program books must be written and published. Everything must be on deadline!

The American Theater Guild earns our respect for bringing outstanding performances to stages everywhere. It’s hard enough to deliver a Broadway-level performance at a single venue. Now pack it all up and travel!

We also admire the American Theater Guild for their community and youth involvement, with their Staging The Future program. They are committed to providing the magic of live musical theater to all children, despite economic disadvantages.

Staging The Future

Per their website, “STAGING THE FUTURE enables under-served young people to experience live musical theater. Non-profit organizations that focus on assisting children and Title I schools are eligible to participate in the program. The program is fully funded by the generosity of The American Theatre Guild season members.”

The program goes beyond free tickets to performing arts shows. The American Theater Guild strives to give both students and educators a complete performing arts experience, including meet and greet sessions with cast members and post-show interviews and conversations.

  • They enhance the performing arts show experience for children and adults with educational materials, and even cover all costs associated with Masters Classes in schools!

You may have noticed an ongoing theme in some of our blogs, the importance of bringing a quality theater experience to students in difficult situations.

Who knows where the next famous playwright will come from! Our next young William Shakespeare might be in a Colorado Springs elementary school right now! That’s why we’re so proud to work with performing arts organizations that offer outstanding opportunities to inner-city youths.

  • Many of the students reached by the American Theater Guild will go on to pursue careers in theater as actors, directors, producers, or dancers.
  • Others may develop their passion for performing arts as season members.

With Staging The Future, the Guild helps bring a love for the performing arts to a new generation of patrons.

Our Role

At Onstage Publications, our goal is to publish outstanding program books for the performing arts. It’s one less stressor our clients need to deal with! For organizations like the American Theater Guild (who have enough on their plate already), we provide world-class publishing. For our advertisers, we offer unique and memorable media, which goes hand-in-hand with experiential marketing.

Program books are cherished and reviewed many times after a night at the theater. We can off your business even more exposure, in the form of digital signage at venues and our opt-in direct mailer Artspac. Contact us to learn how we can provide your organization with an outstanding program book or meaningful advertising at luxury venues. It’s our specialty!

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