Reach the unreachable

You read that boring ad, the one without pictures?

All the way to the end? And then you typed that long URL to get here. Following directions obviously isn’t your strong suit.

It said “No one should read this ad,” remember?

You just may be an advertising and marketing genius, because you recognize that arts patrons are highly desirable audiences with money and influence that your business may want to reach effectively.

Besides ads in program books, we also have video screens in performing arts centers, Artspac; a direct mail pack that goes out to top patrons, and even texting tools to gather data and engage with patrons at arts performances.

You can find out more by exploring this site, or just fill out the short form and an account manager will reach out to you to explore this cost effective medium that connects your business to the finest arts organizations in the country.

By the way, we’re in over 100 markets, so if you’d like to discuss our national reach, please ask.

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