The 1997 Super Bowl was the first time we started to see hyper-aggressive advertising campaigns coming out of startups and young companies.

With commercials coming from the likes of (the URL went dark as of 2000) and (which infamously went out of business,) even small companies were buying into the idea that one big splashy ad was better than a portfolio.

They were wrong.

Despite companies pouring $5 + million into Super Bowl ads, lots of them went out of business. It’s really not all that surprising; it’s essential to diversify your marketing portfolio. It’s the same thing with internet marketing – you shouldn’t pour all your resources into just digital.

So, today, we’re going to talk about how performing arts advertising can help you diversify your marketing and how Onstage can help you reach a hard-to-reach audience with ease.

Hard to Reach

Reaching the performing arts audience may not seem like a big deal, but the arts community isn’t just a kernel of gold, it’s a diamond. Not only are the arts home to some of the most difficult to reach audiences in the world (affluent and discerning,) it’s home to an audience that you probably won’t have any luck reaching elsewhere. Many performing arts patrons and performers don’t consume media in the way you and your business are accustomed to, so being able to reach this specific audience probably never crossed your mind.

We aren’t trying to recommend that you blow your whole budget trying to reach the performing arts crowd – that’s the opposite of what we are advocating. We do think that leaving an entire diverse group of individuals out of your marketing strategy is a mistake, not only because they are an ideal audience to reach, but because they are a loyal and vibrant audience.

Let’s take a quick look at the performing arts audience and see why they are so valuable.

83% of people that regularly attend the performing arts say that their primary value is loyalty and devotion.

Individuals who identify as upper-class are far more likely to attend performing arts events.

Here is a post detailing more specifics regarding the patrons of the performing arts.

How To Take Your Company Onstage

We have already demonstrated the value of these performing arts patrons, but we think it’s important now to identify its value as a marketing medium.

How can a marketer leverage their way into the hearts of performing arts lovers when they don’t live and breathe performing arts? It’s easy. Simply utilizing performing arts advertising legitimizes you as a company that cares about performing arts. It’s a space that many companies forget when they are throwing money at Super Bowl commercials and social media ads.

Picture this, your company — your brand — put in front of a performing arts audience in a way that is impactful, meaningful, and delivers an actual experience instead of just another ad in their face. Not only are they viewing (and often times keeping) your advertisement, they consider you as a friend of the arts.

This means that your brand identity isn’t only benefiting from recognition, but your whole brand is gaining loyalty and a positive association at the same time. This should be every marketer’s wildest dream. Performing arts advertising gives you the ability to put your brand in front of an affluent, loyal, and attentive audience that, while also building your brand as a supporter of them and their favorite mediums

The Diversity of Performing Arts

Speaking of diversifying your portfolio, did you know that performing arts advertising can be more than just an ad in a program book?

There are loads of options when it comes to performing arts advertising. Do you want your ad in a program book that users take home and show their friends? Do you want your video ad on performing arts digital signage – an easy way to reach an audience both in and out of the performing arts crowd? Maybe you want your company splashed on patrons’ phones and computers?

Whatever it is that your company needs, performing arts advertising has the perfect advertising space for you.

Don’t put all your marketing eggs into one basket – diversify. And with performing arts advertising as one of your eggs, you may find it is your golden one! Good selling.

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