For years, online publishers have insisted that print is a dying art form. Most readers, they insist, are turning online for the same materials that they could find in printed form. It’s eco-friendly, it’s easier to access, and it doesn’t result in stacks of magazines sitting around that no one ever reads. Contrary to this popular opinion, however, print is not dead. In fact, I would say it is thriving! There has been a slow but steady resurgence of niche publications making a return.

Checking Out Niche Publications

As it turns out, niche publications have more popularity than many people initially thought. Magazines and books serve a number of purposes that digital media simply can’t satisfy, from allowing people to physically hold the information they’re reading to making it possible to easily share paid content with a friend. Even Airbnb has its own publication–a magazine that encourages readers to check out more in the world around them, becoming savvy travelers with a great idea of what the world can offer them instead of simply tourists taking a look at the world around them.

Niche publications are directed to a highly specific audience. Rather than general publications that appeal to anyone, they’re specifically geared toward an individual who falls into a given category: traveler, or active member of a specific community, or fan of a particular type of item. These publications are a great way to reach a buyer persona that has been highly defined and strongly emphasized throughout your company. After all, how better to connect with your buyers than through a publication that speaks directly to their needs?

The Missing Link

In order to survive in today’s primarily digital market, niche publications require a strong digital component. Readers will turn to the magazine for its content, but they’re also headed online to check out more information: in-depth profiles of their favorite artists, more information about the articles in the publication, and links to other sources as well as a thriving online community where they can discuss the announcements, reviews, and advertisements with other like-minded individuals. Maintaining a strong online presence is critical to the continuing success of many print publications. In fact, digital strategies can even help generate additional revenue that will make it easier for print magazines to meet their budgets and continue to pay for staff at their current operating rate.

Performing Arts Program Books—The Ultimate Niche-Publication!

Performing arts program books are one of the oldest styles of niche publications. They’ve been around for a very long time, and their life is likely to continue still further due to the high level of interest in these publications. In fact, despite the “doom and gloom” many naysayers are attempting to inject into the magazine scene, performing arts program books continue to appear at every performance.

This means a significant advantage to you as an advertiser. If you want to dominate in this niche performing arts market, your goal is simple: to create an effective advertisement that stands out, fits with your audience, and provides them with the information they need to learn more about your business and what you’re offering. Rounding out your program book print ad with a performing arts mobile app ad and performing arts digital signage advertising, your business has the potential to dominate in this market.

Print media isn’t dead. It, like many other industries over the past several years, has simply expanded to include much-needed digital elements that help raise awareness, increase interest, and bring in new readers. If you want to make a statement in the niche market of performing arts program books, it’s not as hard as you think. Simply ensuring that your advertising strategy contains the right components will help move your business to greater success in this field. Good selling!

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