The other night I attended A Christmas Carol at one of the local theatre’s. This performance always gets me in the Christmas spirit.

As we were mingling in the lobby I noticed three large digital signs in this venue. They were approximately 60” digital signs in different locations throughout the lobby.

The 60” digital sign is one of the larger, more expensive displays and will definitely get a patrons attention.

However, these digital signs didn’t seem to be getting my attention. And as I looked around, they weren’t getting the other patrons attention either.

I asked myself why?

Then, I realized what it was. It was the content!

The content being displayed was simply stage and actor still shots from previous performances of A Christmas Carol.

These ten or so still shots were on a continuous loop that rotated through.

I looked at it for about three seconds and continued chit-chatting.

I suspect that this is not an isolated example of the way performing arts venues are utilizing their digital signage.

And I get it, it takes a lot of work and time to manage these things.

But if a performing arts venue is going to make a significant investment in lobby digital signage, the other half of it cannot be forgotten about. That other half is somebody managing the content on these things. Otherwise, the investment will not be worth it.

As we took our seats, I noticed quite a few patrons bringing their drinks into the theatre. My wife turned to me and asked me if they were allowed to do that? I replied I guess so, and kind of wished I had a drink in my hand too!

So now my mind was really wandering. And it wandered back to the digital signs in the lobby.

Then I envisioned this :15 spot interspersed into the still shots on the digital signs.

And this is all it takes to get your digital signage noticed. Not to mention me having a drink in my hand the next time I attend.

Performing arts digital signage is a powerful marketing tool if done correctly. But it takes investment, time and creativity to get the most out of this newer technology. Good selling!


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