In the sports world, there is nothing bigger than the NFL Championship’s Big Game. This event is so large, that it attracts some of the largest television audiences in history, and everyone is talking about it the next day. And while the game is the center of focus, among the conversations the next day are the advertisements that ran during the game.

Large companies spend millions of dollars each year, just to appear for a few seconds during the Big Game’s commercial breaks. With so many people watching the game, it represents an amazing opportunity for companies to spread brand awareness, and they pay top dollar for this opportunity.

Smaller companies don’t have this luxury. They can’t afford to spend millions of dollars on one commercial. But, there are ways for smaller companies to advertise that will have a similar impact, provided you know your audience. One such way is through performing arts program book advertising.

What Is Performing Arts Program Book Advertising?

Performing arts program books are given out during different kinds of performances – concerts, plays, musicals, symphonies, etc. Along with the program book notes, bio’s, etc. these program books also contain advertisers from local and national businesses. This is sometimes in the form of a small text ad, which takes up a portion of the page, or as an entire two-page spread – also known as a Double Truck Advertisement.

It’s this type of performing arts program book advertisement that you want to consider if you’re looking for your “Big Game” moment.

Why Performing Arts Program Books?

Performing arts program book advertising is an attractive option for smaller businesses, particularly luxury businesses because it allows you to advertise to a specific set of people. Smaller businesses need to be smarter about how they spend their advertising budget. Rather than advertising during the big game, and showing your message to a large group of people, it makes more sense to show it to people who have an interest in your product or service. Sure, you might get some of these people in a big national TV ad to buy your product or service, but you’ll also get a lot of people who have no interest, which is a waste of your advertising dollars.

If your small business caters to people who are wealthy, well educated and have a considerable amount of disposable income, then performing arts program book advertising is a great place to advertise. The demographic mentioned above are the types of people who are typically attending these performances and are flipping through the program book before the show or performance starts.

Making The Most Of Your Performing Arts Program Book Advertising

Once you decide you want to advertise within a performing arts program book, you don’t want to waste the opportunity. Take some time to decide on what size ad you want, and how to make it catch someone’s eye. If you’re looking for your “Big Game” moment, consider going with the two-page Double Truck ad, and placing it in a program book for a performance that is sure to have a large audience. If you design this ad well enough, it could bring in more customers than a bunch of tiny ads would put together. Compliment your printed program book ad with lobby digital signage in the venue and your small business can look like one of the big time advertisers you see during the big game, only directed exactly to your target audience.

Of course, it’s not always easy to come up with a great performing arts program book print and digital signage ad on your own. In this situation, we recommend working with a trusted advertising agency, or with the program book publisher directly. Either will be able to help you come up with a great ad, and get it in front of the right audience.

You Don’t Need A “Big Game” Ad To Get A “Big Game” Moment

While others spend millions of dollars for a 30-second ad during the big game, make sure your company is following a smarter path. You may not have the same budget as those companies, and as a result, your advertising plan should be different. That doesn’t mean your advertising campaign can’t have the same impact though, you just need to know how to best spend your dollars.

If you think this may be your audience, use your budget to get your ad in front of these eyes, and create your own “Big Game” moment with performing arts program book and digital signage advertising. Good selling!

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