Marketing is a complex, many-pieced puzzle. There is a lot more going on in the marketing department beyond epic logo design. And yet so many parts of your branding efforts will involve your logo; it becomes the keystone to your entire campaign.

We are not logo specialists at Onstage. We’re marketing experts. We see literally thousands of logos every year. Some are outstanding, others doomed. We’re here to explain a bit about quality logo design. We’ll explain why it matters, how to achieve it, and we’ll give you some legendary logo examples to follow.

Key Attributes of a Winning Logo

We’ve summed up some important aspects of the most successful logos for you to think about:

  • Simplicity is key. The best logos could be drawn from memory easily with a pen. Consider the Mercedes-Benz three-pointed star in a circle or McDonald’s Golden Arches, for instance. We can reproduce the gist of them with just a few lines.
  • Great logos are unique. Your logo shouldn’t look anything like a competitor’s logo. That would turn customers off. Furthermore, you might face trademark infringement lawsuits if your logo is too similar to another organization’s.
  • They are recognizable in different formats and conditions. In other words, you could change the size or color of your logo greatly, and it would still be uniquely yours. Consider Nike’s Swoosh Color, size, contrasting background colors… none of that matters. You would recognize the Swoosh on a sneaker, a business card, or a billboard.
  • They are meaningful enough to be rehashed occasionally. Consider Pepsi-Cola’s globe logo. From time to time, a good logo will need to be updated to keep it fresh. But it must still be meaningful enough, and thoroughly associated with your brand, to endure a face-lift while still retaining symbolism to the audience.

You’ll be spending some significant resources to brand a new logo. Emulate the best and avoid the worst!

Logo “Dont’s” 

Some examples we’ll share here were once iconic. But times and technology are changing. You don’t want your new logo to look old.

  • Don’t write your name in script. Ford and Coca-Cola used their names written in script for logos, and they’re deeply outdated. They’re also difficult to read. Yes, we admit these two examples have made a mark in advertising history. We must acknowledge the tremendous advertising budgets both these companies have used for decades. But students today are not even learning to read or write in cursive, so the next generations will struggle to relate to these logos. These logos need to be overhauled, invalidating all those years of advertising.
  • Avoid slang. Slang changes too quickly. It is also potentially offensive to other groups or as the meaning of a slang term evolves. Before your first year’s ad budget is spent, your logo could be outdated and embarrassing.
  • Don’t use a logo from an online business card publisher. We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with discount business cards you can order online. They’re awesome. Just don’t spend bucks branding a little icon when 500 other businesses have access to it.

Why Quality Logo Design Matters to Us 

At Onstage, we publish luxury program books for high end performing arts venues. We also provide digital signage at luxury venues and our direct mailer, Artspac. It’s our job to produce the highest quality publications to present both the artists and your organization to an educated audience.

It would be a tragedy to present your company to this affluent audience with a sub-par logo. In advertising, we know that every exposure counts. We strive for excellence with our publications because our audience accepts nothing less. We’re not logo designers here, but we can point you in the right direction. If you’d like to talk about marketing to this coveted audience, contact us today!

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