Targeted marketing. Hyper-local advertising. Addressable advertising. These are some of the hottest words in advertising–and marketing professionals are coming up with new ways to describe them every day. Many marketing firms insist that these so-called new strategies for advertising are available only through their digital methods. Performing arts advertising, however, has been accomplishing exactly these things for decades.

Highly Targeted Advertising to a Local Audience

When you opt for performing arts advertising, you get advertising that is hyper-targeted to a local audience. There’s no need to customize the individuals who will receive your ad based on where they’re located since every individual in the audience is currently in the local area. Better yet, most of them live there. There’s nothing more effective for targeting a specific geographic area than knowing exactly where your audience comes from and where they’re staying for the immediate future.

Your Captive Audience

Patrons of the arts are captivated by the individuals on stage–but until the performance begins and during intermission, they don’t have a lot of distractions. As a result, many audience members will find themselves reading through the performing arts program book, learning more about the performance, checking out the advertisements and sponsors in the program book and on the lobby digital signage. Performing arts patrons care about the performance that they’re currently attending, and perceive advertisers they see in their performing arts program books and lobby digital signage as friends of the arts.

Offer After-The-Performance Savings

If you want to make the most of your advertisement, intrigue patrons of the arts with immediate offers! You know exactly where they are when they’re viewing your ad, and you have a pretty good idea of what they’re going to want to do immediately after the performance. Offering after-the-performance savings in a way that is specifically designed to reach this audience–for example, providing them with the opportunity to present their program book to get a discount at a restaurant, bar, or store local to the theater–is a great way to entice them into your location after the show. Offering immediate benefits is a great way to quickly attract interested parties to your location–and performing arts program book advertising has been offering this benefit for a long time.

Addressable Advertising: It’s Not as New as You Think

Addressable advertising is currently making a name for itself in many advertising circles. The CEO of NCC Media, for example, is currently making waves for what is billed as being an “addressable breakthrough“–the ability to target only the specific individuals who have a connection to the product that you’re advertising. This breakthrough, for example, would allow dog food commercials to be specifically targeted to families that have dogs, or to target commercials for baby food to families that have babies.

Performing arts advertising has been offering this advantage for a long time! You know a number of key things about the performing arts audience when you choose performing arts advertising: the type of media they like to watch; what performances they’re interested in; and more, based on the performance they’ve chosen. Thanks to your marketing efforts, you can create ads that are specifically designed to target these key individuals.

Simplicity Redefined

One of the biggest complaints about many forms of addressable advertising is that it’s complicated–that is, that it still requires a great deal of manual effort for the advertiser. That’s not so with performing arts advertising! This simple process makes it easy for advertisers to reach out to precisely their target audience in a simple, effective way.

If you’re looking for a not-so-new advertising strategy that nonetheless remains on the cutting edge of advertising, contact us! We’ll explain more about performing arts advertising and how this key strategy can reshape your future marketing efforts to help you better target your audience.¬†Good selling!


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