This time of year, many performing arts organizations are wrapping up their current season and are already full bore into their upcoming season.

Selling more program book advertising in the current season is furthest from the mind.

But this should not be the case, at all!

Unless your performing arts organization is a “one-and-done” program book, you could be leaving lots of program book ad revenue on the table.

For those performing arts organizations that publish multiple program books throughout the season, the advertising opportunities are still aplenty!

The trick though, is how you sell it.

Selling the Sizzle

The “sizzle” being the performance itself and the distribution for that performance.

It is not, unfortunately, your performing arts organization’s name.

Right now, is when a lot of summer, as well as big name off-Broadway performances, are happening.

With these special performances come huge print runs, which translates into huge program book advertising opportunities.

And the way to approach a program book advertiser prospect is with the name of the performance and the distribution, not your performing arts organizations name.

Think about it. Would you rather buy a program book ad in the XYZ performing arts program book, or would you rather buy a program book ad in one of the hottest off-Broadway performances of the year with a distribution of 50,000?

I’d buy the latter all day long!

Separate Sales Aids

Your season performing arts program book advertising sales aids that were used in the beginning of the season are hopefully worn out by now. If they’re not, that’s a whole other story.

Saying this, the second trick to squeeze all the program book advertising revenue that you are able into the current season is having separate sales aids made for these end of season performances.

Your full season program book sales aids will not get an advertiser excited for these final performances. At the very least they will end up confusing them because you are no longer selling the full season. You’re selling the performance.

Remember, at this point, you’re selling the sizzle, so your sales aids for these performances need to be separate from everything else and highlight the performance, and overall distribution.

Add Mobile and Digital Signage into the Mix

Having a strong mobile program book component, as well as digital signage throughout your facility stretches your program book advertising revenue even more.

Advertising prospects expect to be presented with digital advertising options. If you don’t have a mobile program book component or digital signage throughout your venue, you could potentially lose half your advertising prospects right out of the gate.

Sure, these are going to be more of a headache to manage, but if done right, you could see your program book ad revenue stretch to heights never seen before! Good selling.


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