Since performing arts program book distributions are not audited by a certified bureau, it is often difficult to land “the big kahuna.”

You know what I’m talking about–national advertising.

But it doesn’t have to be just the national accounts that will question your actual distribution.

Advertisers are savvy, and with all the marketing channels they have at their disposal, they need to be.

So how do you make advertising in your program book stand out from all the competition?

And most of all, how do you get over the hurdle of “what’s your distribution, and is it certified?”

Since it would be prohibitively expensive (not to mention that it would crush your margins) if you were to go out and get your program book distribution audited by a certified bureau, you’ve got to be able to sell the sizzle in a very compelling way to get advertisers to listen.

A Simple Program Book Media Kit

The first question you will be asked when approaching a large advertiser or advertising agency is “do you have a media kit?” Then they’ll ask you to send it to them.

But don’t think you’ve got the sale “in the bag” just because your prospect asked you to send a media kit. Because guess what? Unfortunately, it’s going to go into a pile of other media kits.

If you Google “media kit,” you’ll find all kinds of samples of media kits. Mostly you’ll see very extravagant, and very fancy media kits.

We’ve never been a big fan of these. The reason being is that these things are mostly “fluff.”

Think about it. If you’re looking to grab someone’s attention, you want to do it in the simplest, quickest manner possible.

Just like you, the person you’re sending your media kit to is inundated with information.

Why inundate them with more information?

We keep our media kits to one page and a copy of the program book. That’s right, one page!

Then we follow up with a call. And continue calling until we get to speak with the decision maker.

And this is when we tell them about the distribution of the program books.

The Best Program Book Distribution Sales Aid Ever!

Inevitably, your prospect is going to ask about distribution.

You will certainly go over the printed number of copies for each performance. You will also go over the full distribution for the performance season.

Then, even though it is a given, you always want to reiterate that the program books are hand delivered to each patron.

While you’re discussing distribution, ask your prospect to turn to the donor’s section. This is where you show your prospect exactly who your program books get distributed to.

Right there in front of them, they have an immediate understanding of their demographic. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the demographic of the performing arts patron is high net-worth.

By now the objection of an audited distribution has been overcome. Typically, because the prospect is still drooling over the donor pages!

And when they start to ask you about pricing, you now have a buying sign. Good selling!

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