In our modern age of social media, spam and robocalls, truly effective marketing is becoming difficult to achieve. People are constantly bombarded with advertising in all media, so we’re beginning to tune it out. Phone books are nearly obsolete, the newspaper has become an utter dinosaur, and radio advertising competes now with satellite radio, internet radio and unending amounts of user-created playlists available everywhere.

So how can you put your brand on blast? Experiential marketing is the hottest trend in advertising and for good reason! And Onstage Publications is here to help!

So What is Experiential Marketing?

We think Braden Becker says it best in his marketing blog (cited below): “Experiential marketing, also called ‘engagement marketing’ is a marketing strategy that invites an audience to interact with a business in a real-world situation. Using participatory, hands-on, and tangible branding material, the business can show its customers not just what the company offers, but what it stands for.”

To paraphrase, experiential marketing goes hand-in-hand with special event marketing and sponsorship. The entire purpose is to associate your brand with an awesome experience that the audience will remember with fondness.

Onstage Publications Has Mastered Experiential Marketing at High End Performing Arts Venues

We’ll market your brand before, during and after a performing arts event.

We take a three-tiered approach to marketing your brand at luxury venues:

  • pre-show advertising
  • program book advertising
  • follow up opt-in direct mail campaigns.

The Pre-Performance Experience

Onstage Publications works in luxury venues, marketing your brand directly to society’s upper crust: classical concerts, operas, classic music festivals, theater and the like.

This audience is there for the experience! They’re wearing nice suits and evening gowns and their finest jewelry. The excitement is almost tangible as guests anticipate the performance of a lifetime!

We put your brand on blast with fresh digital signage in the performance hall. Your message is there for all to see as they wait for friends and socialize. Then as they enter the hall and find their seats your message is in front of them again in our program books.

The Performance Begins!

The audience pages through their program books and the performance begins! We wouldn’t dare interfere with the audience’s appreciation of the performance and there are no commercial breaks during these sorts of events. However, there is an intermission. Once again the audience is subject to your branding efforts as they take a break, socialize and enjoy a cocktail in the hall.

Finally, the show is over. The audience leaves the theater in awe, and sees your logo and message on the way out.

Reminiscing: The Look Back

The following day, and for months to come, our program books are reviewed and relished as a token of the event. They are a tangible media that can be held and perused over and over. Each time this audience will see your brand as they remember the outstanding performance.

The Top of Mind Awareness Continues With Artspac Direct Mail

Long after the performance we’ll continue to keep your brand on blast with Artspac Direct Mail. This specific target market is difficult to reach, but our mailers are looked forward to as entertainment updates about their favorite classical artists and performances. Artspac is delivered to a highly coveted mailing list of societies uppermost echelon.

You can see how Onstage Publications can blast your brand at a single high-end event. Now imagine an entire month of this exposure, at luxury venues nation-wide! We can blast your brand to luxury audiences across the entire US! If you’d like to learn more about experiential marketing check out our blog, and don’t hesitate to contact us to put your brand on blast!

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