Savvy marketers know there is more to advertising than just putting your ad in front of eyeballs. You need to know your specific target market, and you want to leave them with an impression that really sticks. Performing arts program book advertising does more than just put your ad in front of faces once, program books are keepsakes to be kept and reviewed later by reminiscing fans. The most effective way to leave an impression on this audience is to combine program book advertising with digital signage, and direct mail to provide a memorable experience at the venue itself as well as after the performance.

Make the Experience Memorable: An Imaginary Case Study

Every organization is different so we’ll use an imaginary company, Luxury Lemonade, to illustrate how you can make a memorable experience for the audience and leave a lasting impression. Imagine…

Luxury Lemonade has secured a stall for a lemonade stand at a prominent outdoor multi-day summer jazz festival. They use bright, highly visible awnings imprinted with their logo and digital signage throughout the venue. They’ve put a matching ad in the festival program book, and they’ve provided shaded tables for customers to linger at and refresh themselves.

Keeping it simple, Luxury Lemonade is only offering their two most popular beverages: Luxury Lemonade and Strawberry Lux. Customers purchase the drinks and receive it in a branded cup, imprinted with their logo. All throughout the event, attendees come back to the lemonade stand again and again. They’re hot, they’re thirsty and they need a place to take a break.

Years later, festival-goers will remember with fondness the shade and drinks that refreshed them. They will have tossed the branded cup. Bright awnings have lost their glitter in the haze of memory as time went by. It’s the physical memory of refreshment they will conjure when they review their program book later and think of Luxury Lemonade.

Obviously, few things could be more refreshing than a cold lemonade at a hot summer festival. Not every business could follow this precise model. However, EVERY performing arts sponsor or advertiser can be interactive and make a memorable experience for the audience. Consider these performing arts-friendly marketing ideas for your brand:

Positive Audience Experiences for Branding At A Performing Arts Venue

  • Pre-Performance with digital signage throughout the lobby. Prime the marketing pump with venue digital signage! Excitement before any performance can be smelled throughout the hall by excited patrons about to see a performance of their lifetimes. They are relaxed and having fun. By having your brand on the surrounding digital signs in the venue hall, you are able to generate awareness for your brand.
  • At-Performance with program books. The patrons have made it to their seats. It’s time for the main performance and your brand’s success now rests in the hands of every patrons’ hands.
  • Post-Performance with direct mail. Keep your brand alive with post-performance direct mail in Artspac. With a focus on measurable results and advancing your brand’s awareness, Artspac is delivered to a highly coveted mailing list.

The key takeaway here is that any type of business can promote themselves using a memorable concert experience, but you need to make sure your brand is associated in a positive way. We call this performing arts experiential marketing!

At Onstage, our business is getting your brand in front of a unique, high-end demographic. We understand that performing arts marketing is a success when the audience has an amazing time and the sponsors make a lasting impression. Get more performing arts advertising ideas at our blog!

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