Digital marketing is becoming an increasingly important part of building a brand. With most of the population carrying internet enabled devices around in their pockets, it would be unwise to ignore this vital way to connect with them. But digital should not replace your print marketing. Instead, you should use the two in a way that complements one another.

Include social media reviews in your printed program book ad

Testimonials have been a part of print advertising for as long as print advertising has been around. Showing off the praise that existing customers give to your business in your printed program book advertising is a great way to establish your credibility with potential new customers.

The good news is getting these testimonials has never been easier than it is in the age of social media. If your company has a strong social media presence (and you should), you’ve likely already had many customers engage with your social media channels to tell you how much they appreciate what your business does.

Using these comments as testimonials in your printed performing arts program book advertising can serve a few purposes.

First, it serves the same purpose that testimonials always have. Testimonials serve as a form of social proof. That is to say, when potential customers see that other people are enjoying your product or service, they are more likely to believe that they too will enjoy it. Social media adds a bit of credibility to this. If people can go to your social media page and see what real people are really saying about your business, they have some assurances that you aren’t just faking testimonials and they will be more inclined to do business with you.

In addition, printing these testimonials in your performing arts program book advertising will also drive traffic to your social media channels. Whether it is because the reader wants to confirm that the reviews are good, or because they are simply interested in keeping up with your business, you will increase the success of your digital marketing through your printed performing arts program book advertising efforts.

Use call-to-actions in your printed program book ad

Adding testimonials from social media to your printed program book advertising will organically help to grow your online following, but you shouldn’t just rely on these testimonials. By actively placing a call-to-action in your performing arts program book advertising that asks people to follow you on social media, you can maximize the effect.

You don’t need to limit yourself to a bland call-to-action though. For example, Netflix asked users to face-swap themselves with characters from popular shows using Snapchat. By asking the fans to share those images, they created a viral phenomenon that increased the effectiveness of the original call-to-action exponentially. So don’t be afraid to get creative.

Include campaign hashtags in your printed program book ad

In addition to Netflix asking users to make those fun face-swap photos, they asked them to share it under the hashtag, #NetflixSwap. Using hashtags in your printed program book advertising is a great way to increase the virality of your marketing efforts. People love using social media, and hashtags are a great way for them to feel connected to other people, and your business.

Indiana University created a similar viral effect when they printed the hashtag #IUSaidYes in their acceptance letters. Simply printing the hashtag in a prominent location prompted excited new students to post pictures of their acceptance letters along with the hashtag. This example can easily translate to a well-placed hashtag in your printed performing arts program book advertising.

Tying your program book advertising to your in-store promotions

Performing arts program book advertisements aren’t the only aspect of your print marketing efforts that can benefit from calls to action. But you need to bring it all together to help tell your story.

Your physical location likely has a variety of printed materials that help drive customers to certain items or alert them to special offers and new products. You can also use these printed materials to drive people to your social media channels and get them engaged.

Victoria’s Secret played this strategy to great effect by offering a discount to customers who posted a selfie of themselves with the hashtags #VSTease and #VSGift. Having this call-to-action right in the store where the customer will see an immediate benefit was a great way to encourage people to participate.

But getting these potential customers into your store is the hardest part. By enticing these potential new customers into your store through your performing arts program book advertising, you will always be one step ahead of your competition. Good selling!

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