By the end of this post, anyone that sells program book advertising will know exactly how, step by step, to land a dream program book advertising account.

The secret I am about to tell you on how to sell program book advertising will change your life forever. Because it will literally change your life!

And not just for selling program book advertising, because this secret can be applied to anything you do in life.

But first some background.

This past Wednesday as I was chit-chatting with our team at a Dayton Dragon’s baseball game, one of our program book advertising account executives was telling me about a large account that could possibly be coming in for her.

To be honest, although the baseball night out was more of a team building outing, I’m not much of a baseball fan.

But I am a huge fan of program book advertising. So, my night was about to get a little better.

She started telling me this story and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

It all started with a call into one of the advertising agencies that she works with that has placed program book advertising with her before, for other clients.

She then told me that her contact at the agency was surprised that she was calling regarding this particular client. In fact, her exact words to her were “how did you hear about this client?”

The client she was calling about is a high-end clinical center. They also happen to be in one of our larger markets. So, our account executive thought it was a perfect fit for performing arts program book advertising.

And quite frankly it was after she told me about it!

Then, I about fell off my seat when she told me what happened next.

In her discussion with her contact, she found out by looking at the donor pages, that the person that started this high-end clinical center was a very large donor to the performing arts organization that she was pitching.

This seemed to be the interest creating remark. Because after this, she was asked to put together a proposal and get it to her.

And a large proposal it was.

So, I asked, how did you do it? You’re on your way to landing one of your largest accounts. How did you do it?

She said easy, I did my homework and I worked hard!

Do Your Homework

You see, in today’s fast-paced world, everyone wants everything right now.

And everyone is looking for some sort of magical shortcut to get them what they want, whatever that may be.

But I can tell you beyond any doubt, one thing that will never change in selling program book advertising, is planning your accounts. In other words, do your homework, there are no shortcuts.

There is nothing more unflattering as a business owner than getting a cold call from someone trying to sell me something and they know absolutely nothing about my business.

Work Hard

I can be the first to vouch for this rep being the first in the office at 7:15 a.m. every day. Prepping accounts and planning her day.

By doing this, this led her to find some interesting things about this one account.

That little touch of knowing that the person that started the facility that she was calling about was a large donor to the performing arts organization she was pitching is pure brilliance!

It’s these little things like this, that will certainly take a little more time, and a little more work that will always get you closer to your dream program book advertiser.

But these little things don’t come by happenstance, they come with hard work.


There it is. Not much of a secret, is it? Nor I bet, what you were expecting to read.

But this is what truly separates the great performing arts program book sales reps from the average, and why she is one of our top program book advertising sales reps.

The best part of this story is that these two little secrets can be applied to anything in your life. Whatever it is you may be up against or wanting, or fill in the blank—do your homework and work hard and you will be amazed at what you can achieve. Good selling!


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