Recently I was standing in line at my credit union. As I was waiting, I couldn’t help but notice the way their digital signage was being utilized.

To put it bluntly, it sucked!

They were simply displaying the pre-programmed widgets that came with their back-end software.

We’ve all seen these—weather updates, sports scores, national news, etc.

Here I am, a customer of theirs, and instead of making me aware of their current loan rates, current cd rates, or their latest credit card offering, they’re showing me the weather!

What a missed opportunity I thought.

And I suspect that this type of digital signage content (pre-packaged widgets) is more the norm rather than the exception for businesses or performing arts organizations that decide to make an investment in this type of marketing.

Performing arts digital signage can be an awesome marketing machine if used properly.

But no different than with all the other performing arts content outlets, be it in the form of program books, or performing arts venue websites, it needs to be fed lots of content.

And I suspect that this is why most of these performing arts digital signs are a bit boring.

Good content takes time and investment. Whereas the pre-packaged widgets are just a short cut to keep something, anything, displayed.

And why not? Somebody in the organization made the decision to make a large investment in these digital signs, and they don’t want them to look broken.

So how do you keep your performing arts digital signage content monster fed? And make it easy?

Think PowerPoint Presentation

A performing arts digital signage playlist is no different than a PowerPoint presentation.

Saying this, you would never make a PowerPoint presentation to your board of directors with just weather updates and news headlines. You would be fired on the spot! So why would you treat your performing arts digital signage any different?

By thinking about your playlist in this manner, you’ve fought half the battle.

Make Your Presentation

Now that you’ve got all your patrons attention, what do you want to present to them?

By thinking in these terms (making a presentation), it will be much easier for you to figure out what your playlist should be.

Keep It Fresh

Don’t limit your content to the same playlist throughout the evening. Keep the content fresh by having several playlists ready to rotate throughout.

A good rule of thumb is to keep your playlists to 6 minute loops.

Sure, this is more content to be created, but it will be worth it.

Use Video

An easy way to garner more content for your “presentation” is having a video or two in your playlist.

But think in terms of television commercials—15-30 second spots.

Sprinkle It with Sponsors and Advertisers

By interspersing sold advertiser or sponsorship spots into your “presentation”, you will make the playlist even more interesting. Not to mention, you can get paid for it!

And don’t forget about yourself. Remember, performing arts digital signage is a marketing tool. Your “presentation” should have lots of call-to-actions for your upcoming shows, ticket specials, concession stand specials, and on and on. Good selling!

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