We have all heard the stage talks (or you may have even given one yourself)…

“Please don’t forget to fill out the survey in the lobby”

“Please fill out the paper survey in your program book”

“Filling out our survey will help us out tremendously”

And you continuously get so, so results. But why?

Let me ask you this—do you like filling out surveys just because? I don’t either. However, give me an incentive to fill out a survey and I’ll be the first one to hand it in.

After one of our clients saw the power of our mobile program book product, Stageview, they made one request. They requested that in order for their audience to access the app to get to their program notes, the survey must be filled out. In other words, instead of a “pay wall” they wanted a “program notes wall!” And guess what? It was genius.

You see, they have a large summer festival that draws a large crowd. They really focus on this festival for getting their paper surveys filled out because it draws the largest number of people, which in turn helps them get their funding from their local arts fund. However, this in turn would cause a huge amount of work in the back office. After the paper surveys were turned in, they then had to hand-enter these paper surveys into the computer. When we visited their offices awhile back, which happened to be right after their summer festival, there were literally boxes and boxes of surveys that needed to be entered.

Not really something you would think of when you think of a performing arts organization—their back office and anyone they could find to help out, entering data! But it had to be done.

After they implemented the “program notes wall” on their Stageview, they could not believe their eyes. Not only were they getting more surveys completed, they also cut down their data entry by over 50%, and it didn’t cost them a dime!

So want to get more completed surveys? Then give your patrons an incentive, or special access to something to make it worth their while. You’ll be glad you did. Good selling!

A few of our satisfied clients.

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