Congratulations, you made a program book advertising sale. However, before you get too hyped up and post your sale, your job has just begun with the customer.

You must now construct an effective ad that is sure to get results for the customer so that when you call on them the following season, the renewal is not so difficult.

So how do you create an effective program book ad? The easiest way is to remember the acronym RASCIL.

R eliabilty – Years in business, years experience, association memberships, size and scope of firm, statements of trustworthiness (i.e. “We stand behind our work”, “Satisfaction guaranteed”, etc.)

A uthorized brands – Brands of products sold, serviced, rented, etc. Make sure to ask about co-op plan availability

S pecial features – Things that make the business unique and/or differentiates it from the competition

C ompleteness of service – Hours, credit terms, estimates, after hours number, etc.

        I llustration or slogan – Company logo or illustration, company slogan, etc.

L ocation and/or area served – This may sound like a “duh”, but you’d be surprised how many play bill ads I see that leave this pertinent information out. Especially the area served. If an advertiser has a very narrow area of service, this needs to be mentioned in their program book ad so they don’t get calls they are unable to service.

By incorporating RASCIL factors into your customer’s program book advertising, you can easily cover everything their business does in the ad space that was sold. The RASCIL factors are also the features that potential customers are looking for when they are shopping from their theatre seats. Good selling!

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