If you’ve been following our blog lately, you know we provide marketing insights for anyone interested in learning how to market more effectively. Here at Onstage, we work with hundreds of venues across the United States and thousands of advertisers. We’ve been doing it for years. We see advertising campaigns every day which range from lackluster to stellar, and it’s part of our job to make sure your advertising makes a profound impression.

Our advertisers and venues are like our partners. We want you to get the most impact out of your ad budget, so you’ll stick with us season after season. We know that a big part of your ad’s success is the message itself, and how clear it is to the audience.

So today we’re going to discuss “noise” in marketing. What it is, how to spot it, and how it affects your business.

What is “Noise” in Marketing

Noise in marketing means excess information. Noise appears in all kinds of media: radio, TV, print ads, internet advertising…all advertisements are susceptible to noise, even high-end program book advertising. Noise can be anything that distracts from your central message. It comes in the form of:

  • Overly bright, garish colors in print advertising
  • Music or videos playing from your website
  • Pop-up ads
  • Offensive imagery, shocking imagery
  • Over-use of sexual imagery or ideas
  • Vague content that has nothing to do with your business
  • Customer-generated content on social media forums
  • Ads that aren’t relevant to the consumer.

In a nutshell, noise is anything that takes attention away from your message.

Finding Your Noise

It can be a real challenge to find noise you’ve made in your own advertising campaign! It’s all too easy to provide an audience with excess information, especially when a pet marketing campaign was your own idea, or if you’re an entrepreneur who has brought the company along from inception.

Noise happens! (That should be a T-shirt.) You have so much information the audience needs, right?

  • You need potential customers to know all the pertinent facts.
  • You want them to choose you over your competition.
  • They need to understand the complex details of your service.

We get it! But those details are really best left on your website or on a phone call from the sales staff.

  • Most customers can identify their needs for a product.

In the beginning stages of most sales, it’s the customer seeking you out. Consider: how often does a true cold call result in a sale? Ten percent would be a respectable return. So you rely on your advertising to leave an impression on potential customers, for the future. Keep the message simple and concise! Then dump all the clutter.

Sometimes the best way to find noise in marketing is to ask a third party

You don’t need to invest in huge focus group studies. Just get an outsider’s opinion or two. Choose someone who has nothing to do with your business. Show them your marketing materials, and then ask them what they retained. If you’re getting a variety of answers then you need to turn down the noise.

Advertising Noise Affects Us All

Have you ever seen a television commercial, and at the end of it you had no idea what the ad was for? Have you ever heard a radio spot that annoyed you so much with a repeat phone number that you changed the station? What about any kind of media that used a siren in the audio, to the point you’re looking around for emergency vehicles?

Marketing noise does more damage than just blowing your ad budget. In the worst cases, noise can actually repel audiences and even cost you customers you already have. You never want regular customers to feel annoyed by your message.

At Onstage Publications, our marketing professionals can help you create clear, compelling messages without the noise. It’s our job to make your advertising meaningful, and we take it seriously.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about digital signage, luxury program book advertising, or Artspac, our opt-in direct mail program for performing arts fans. We’d love to help you out!

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