Every article you will read about digital marketing will, in some form or another, refer to ‘audience trust.’ How to get people to trust a brand, how to get them to engage more, how to get them to believe that this brand is the best compared to all the others…seems like a gigantic task, doesn’t it?

Well sure, except…personally, we here at Onstage Publications have never had that problem. You know why? Because trust is very much dependent on the medium, and we provide one of the most trustworthy platforms out there to get your message heard—performing arts advertising. This might seem hard to believe, but we have been doing what the ad agencies have been striving to do this whole time, and we have been doing it well.

Who Do You Trust?

The problem with trust and marketing today is that brands are at the mercy of larger tech companies where there is zero transparency. How can audiences and companies trust these platforms, when no one is really aware of the inner workings of them? Instead, marketers are left scratching their heads as each amorphous algorithm change renders their hard work invisible.

And that is the other problem with trust, the invisibility factor. How can you be sure that audiences are really seeing your message, and how they are engaging with it? While analytics provide some data, there is still that element of physicality missing for these mediums to be truly trustworthy.

Why The Medium Matters

But again, Onstage Publications has never quite worried about any of these issues with performing arts advertising. Mainly because we have been in this industry for decades, but also because we know the value of our medium and the audience engagement it provides. It is far easier to trust a brand when you are seeing it in a medium that is familiar, without being too promotional. You can trust a brand that is engaged enough to know what its audiences like and cater to them by presenting their ads in materials their customers will likely see. These brands understand how visibility can lead to trust, as long as you are advertising in the right venues.

Program book advertising, along with digital signage, and geofencing combine the best of traditional and digital advertising without reducing trust — from an audience and a brand perspective. Intrigued? Well, our previous post sheds some more light on this, but the idea is that having your ads placed in mediums such as performing arts program books are an instant bridge towards trust. You are seen as a brand that is a patron of the arts, but more importantly, that you are tapped into the fact that your customer is a supporter of the arts. Audiences are very much attuned to brand values, and having your advertisement in these types of mediums show that you have a keen understanding of who your audience is.

When you combine that with digital signage and geofencing, you can create a broad strategy that still retains the hyper-focus that most social media campaigns have. It is more about wielding each individual element in a way that boosts visibility while signaling that your brand is the one to trust. For example, in another post, we discuss how far digital signage has come in terms of technology and how that can help boost your marketing strategies if used correctly. This can help give your brand a digital boost, without sacrificing that vital element of trust.

Ultimately, you can remain beholden to behemoth social media giants without truly getting a return on investment, or tap into a marketing medium that gives you the right level of customer engagement and visibility consistently. Performing arts advertising has the potential to do this, and give your brand real value in the long-term and short-term. Good selling!

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