You know one of the things that you’ve already mentioned is that Audience Access is much more than just a digital program. It is built on a chatbot platform that allows you to communicate and collect data so every time anybody accesses that program, bingo!—you collect their cell phone number.

Saying this, what have been the results of this data collection? Has it been successful? Any numbers to share, or anything that’s exciting?

You’re both shaking your head, so okay go ahead tell me what the results have been so far?

So there are two things that Audience Access enables us to do that we weren’t able to do previously. In our ticketing system, there’s one buyer per household and so we really only collect that one buyer’s information, so if Mr. and Mrs. Smith are going to the theater we just have the contact information for Mr. Smith which means that in our efforts to do digital advertising and retargeting we only have Mr. Smith to target. But once we are able to solicit contact information from everybody in the party then we broaden our ability to dynamically target everybody who’s there instead of just the buyer!

In addition, what’s really nice, is we’re able to install our tracking pixels onto the Audience Access platform so that will also help us in optimizing ads that we already have running. Again, because instead of showing the Facebook ad to Mr. Smith, now Mrs. Smith AND Jenny Smith see the ads. So instead of only getting the results for Mr. Smith, Facebook can actually see oh this Facebook ad is attributed to three purchases instead of just one! Oh my God, yeah that’s great! Yeah, so your data leakage is resolved because you now know the people that are sitting in those seats.  And you never were able to collect any information on them, and that can happen with group sales also lots of times. An employer might buy a group of tickets and you only get one email. But now you can get everybody’s when you go back to live performance and so that’s great!

How about you, what’s going on what kind of information? One of the most useful things for us has been we have you buy for this show that we have up. If you buy one ticket you get access to all three episodes of the summer musical so when they watched episode one, and they texted in to get the program, then once episode two drops we can just send them a push notification that reminds them. It says “hey you’re gonna watch tonight we’re about to send you a new link for the new for the new episode.” Also, we have a lot of online events, and we have talkbacks— “ask us anything cocktail parties” things like that and once we’ve got their phone number affiliated with a certain show then we can text them a push notification that says “hey don’t forget we’ve got a cocktail party tonight” or whatever and it really has people responding well to it. And they have the option to stop the text messaging if they want to and that was important to us too and I guess you know that’s law so it works out well but most people have not opted out!

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